How My Pregnancy is Different the Second Time Around

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With my pregnancy with my son Owen in 2013, I had placenta previa which left me on bedrest at home and in the hospital for many months. I wasn’t able to stay active, set up the nursery, or do a lot of the fun “nesting” activities I wanted to do. After finding out that we were pregnant again in 2016, I immediately starting thinking about all the things I’d do differently this time. Of course, I’d still take my prenatal vitamins and go to all my doctor’s visits, but there are still a lot of options out there. It’s kind of like traveling somewhere you’ve already been before: where do you revisit, where do you skip and what new adventures would you like to check out?


Traveling While Pregnant: Last time, I traveled to Italy and Hawaii while pregnant and it was a really fun experience. Especially with Italy, I was able to take siestas every day and take it slowly, which helped me really enjoy Italy! So far this time, we’ve traveled to Vancouver, B.C., Eastern Washington, Disneyland, Suncadia and Portland.

Pregnancy Book: I did a photo book about my pregnancy with Owen and it was really therapeutic and I have looked back on it. I’ve already started on a photo book this time around, although it’s less thorough!

Prenatal Massage: One of the best things I did for myself last time was getting some prenatal massages. This time, I found a prenatal massage therapist that is close by and is a very reasonable rate. It’s something nice I can do for myself.


Birthing Classes: While I’m glad that we took them the first time, I definitely don’t want to sit through them again.

Prenatal Acupuncture: I did this as a fertility treatment last time and then continued after I became pregnant. This time I’m using that time for more prenatal massage as my muscles are extra achy from lugging a 2.5 year old around in addition to being pregnant.

Reading Pregnancy Books: Like the birthing classes, glad I read them, but don’t plan on reading again.

Super Restrictive Diet: I’ll admit, I’ve been a lot more relaxed about what I eat this time around and it’s made me a much happier pregnant lady!

Stressing About Baby Registry: Thankfully, we have just about everything we need, save for a few cool new items (see below). It’s nice to not scan Consumer Reports to find the best car seat, stroller, high chair, etc. 

New Adventures:

Doula: I didn’t have much support the first time though (my husband got the flu the day Owen was born and he was banned from Owen, me and the hospital for a week.) This time, we hired a doula to help me through the birth and after. I really like the idea of having an advocate with me and everyone I’ve talked to say it was one of the best decisions they made.

VBAC: Last time, I had to have a c-section because of the placenta previa. Combined with the months of bedrest, it was a difficult recovery. So, when my doctor told me I was a good candiate for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and I did research on my own, I jumped at the opportunity.

Prenatal Yoga: Since I was on bed rest (at home and in the hospital) for a big chunk of my pregnancy, I didn’t get to move around much. This time I wanted to get my body ready for carrying the baby to term and postpartum.

Maternity Photos: Again, because I was on bed rest, I didn’t get to do maternity photos. In hindsight, it’s not that big of a deal since I didn’t even think about it after Owen was born until now. But, I’ve very excited that Owen can be included in this photo shoot since this baby will really change life as he knows it. It’s a great way to capture our changing family. And I’ve scheduled our photo shoot for our 5th wedding anniversary!

Newborn Photos: My husband was able to get a few photos of Owen before he was rushed up to the NICU, but then we didn’t really take good photos until he was a month old. This time I’m very excited to get good photos while baby is still in that sleepy newborn stage. And we’ll get to include Owen in these photos.

Monthly Photos: We didn’t do those cute monthly photos with Owen and I do regret it. Not that we don’t have thousands of photos of him, but I’d like to stage monthly photos with Baby #2. Cuddle + Kind makes adorable knit animals that I think would be really great to include in the photos to show how big baby grows (can you tell I like photos?)

Ring Slings: I got really into baby carriers with Owen, but I never tried a ring sling. Since I’ll have a toddler to run after, I’m thinking a ring sling is going to be my quickest carrier. I found a Sakura Bloom Theory in my local Babywearing Buy/Sell/Trade group and I’m very excited to try it out!

New Baby Products: I’m excited to check out the new products that have come out since having Owen. My latest obsession are Tula Blankets, because they seem unbelievable soft and they are adorable!

Cuter Maternity Clothes: While I still have lots of maternity clothes from last time, a lot of them don’t fit very well. I made the mistake of getting my maternity clothes a size larger than I normally wear, thinking I’d grow into them. Now I know to get the correct size. Also, some of my clothes are stretched out and look frumpy. Thankfully, there have been some good sales and I’ve been able to update some pieces of my maternity wardrobe so I feel a bit more put together.

Free Welcome Bags: Since I was in the hospital last time, I didn’t get to take advantage of receiving free welcome bags for registering at certain stores. This time, I was able to score bags from Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us and Target. I also got this cool Welcome Box from Amazon. These little freebies added a lot of excitement to my day, as I like to try new products.

I really like that this pregnancy is so different than my first one because it makes it special and unique. Plus, it’s been fun to talk to Owen about the new baby and he’s been able to feel the baby kick and help me in the baby’s nursery. The new adventures have been a great way to ramp up for the biggest adventure of our life: having two kids!  

I'm a Seattle-area stay-at-home mom to my 2-year-old son Owen and I'm currently pregnant with our second baby. We love travelling with our toddler (locally and internationaly) and take advantage of the amazing events and classes offered around town. We like to be out and about!

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