Take Flight: How to Soar Like an Eagle

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photo: Debbie.L via flickr

Unfortunately, no, this is not a hack on flying without wings. This tutorial is more of a fun guide on letting your imagination take flight for American Eagle Day. So get your arms ready! Here’s how to act like the king of the skies for a day.

1. Eagles are known for their alert features, from their sharp eyes to the perfect body. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep (or let your kiddos sleep in a few minutes more) to achieve those eagle eyes. If you want to dress up like an eagle for the day, wear a brown long-sleeved shirt or jacket and yellow pants.

2. Eat a healthy meal of fish! Salmon is a popular choice for bald eagles from late summer to fall. And who doesn’t love a side of smoked salmon with cream cheese for breakfast? Other fishy options include catfish, herring, and trout. Since eagles capture their food with talons, this is the perfect reason to indulge in bite-sized finger foods.

3. Exercise is very important. Visit your local playground and let your little birdie flap their wings as they run around. Older, more nimble tots can climb to a comfortable and safe height where they can perch and view the land below. If you’re really up for some sky soaring, lift your babe in the air like the dad in the photo above.

4. Play a reflex game or test your response time! As a prey animal, eagles have a well-trained eye and quick reflexes so that they can easily snatch fishes out of water. Take your kid to the arcade for a round of whack-a-mole or measure your response time with these online response time experiments from Neuroscience for Kids.

5. Make a nest out of cut paper. This gorgeous project by Art Bar Blog is incredibly stunning and doesn’t require sticks at all! It’s the perfect afternoon craft for busy birdies who don’t have time to venture outside to find the perfect twigs and branches. All you need is paper, scissors (or a shredder), Elmer’s glue, a paint brush, a bowl and plastic wrap.

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