Pach ‘n’ Play: 5 Ways to Be an Elephant Today

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The majestic elephant is arguably one of the most gorgeous and sensitive animals on earth—not unlike your own kiddos. Because elephants have strong family units, and keep their young snuggled close, stick together today and try some of these easy ways to bond like the pachyderms do. Read on for our guide to doing as the elephants do.

elephant group

1. Ear ye, ear ye! No two elephants’ ears are exactly alike, and the individual characteristics on the ears, such as veins, nicks and patterns, are what help elephants identify each other. Make your own set of individual ears following this easy tutorial.

2. Grrr-eetings. Elephants growl to communicate. Develop your signature low-frequency sound and try using it to express a sentiment to your kiddos, and vice versa. Play a guessing game using silly low-frequency sounds in place of phrases like “I love you” and “I’m hungry.”

3. Re-memory. The phrase “an elephant never forgets” does have scientific backing. Elephants do remember each other, even if a meeting was brief, as well as places and probably even specific events. Play a memory game with the kids to honor this unique aspect of the noble pachyderm.

4. Eat your veggies. Elephants eat a varied vegetarian diet, but if your kiddos aren’t too keen are eating twigs, barks, fruit and leaves don’t worry: we’ve got 26 veg-filled recipes the kids will be sure to scarf.

5. Pack your trunk. Since elephants use their muscular trunks for just about everything from eating, greeting and comforting one another, try using your arm a sub. Wrap arms to hug, make a game of carrying objects from room to room, and create a secret “hand” shake using just extended arms.

Got any ideas for being elephant-headed today? Share them with our community in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier

photo: ActiveSteve via flickr