Get Inspired! How to Create Your Own Bucket List

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Your mission today is to create your own bucket list for fall. Get inspired by the bucket lists below from our own staff who created these with their families this past summer. The best part? Anything goes! From places to visit to things to eat, use your imagination to make your bucket list truly yours.

Jacqui, Red Tricycle’s Founder and CEO, created this summer bucket with her son (and dog, Dipper). So far Jacqui’s son has checked off a few more boxes than his furry companion. 


Leah Singer who heads up Red Tricycle San Diego and blogs over at Leah’s Thoughts wanted to make this summer one to remember with her daughter so they dreamed up this colorful bucket list. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Singer family this fall.


We want to see your summer or fall bucket lists! Share them with us by tagging #RedTricycle on social media or email a photo to our editor (Editor AT and we’ll add yours to our story. Tell us–what is on your fall bucket list? 

— Erin Lem