You Can Get Free Facials at Sephora & This Is Not a Drill

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They say the best things in life are free and when it comes to beauty services, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we are pretty stoked to find out that you can now get free facials at Sephora!

In collaboration with the HydraFacial Company, Sephora is offering their new Perk Hydrating Facial free of charge. The only catch is you have to spend $75 to earn this 30-minute facial that removes dirt and oil but leaves your skin soft and dewy. Let’s be honest––finding ways to spend $75 at Sephora isn’t difficult.

free facials at Sephora

Photo: bargainmoose via Flickr

When you schedule a Perk Hydrating Facial, you can expect to enjoy a consultation with a Sephora specialist who will discuss your overall skincare needs. Then sit back and watch your skin going from drab to fab as the hybrid-facial, Perk goes to work.

Perk uses “roller-flex technology” to break down dead skin, dirt and oil. The specialist will use a pen-shaped device over your face and the vacuum will suck away all the impurities, leaving you soft skin that has been revitalized with moisture and nutrients. And for all you out there that love to see dead skin cells––they’ll even let you see the vial that contains all that nasty gunk!

As part of the two-in-one facial, Perk will then follow up the vacuum process with the insertion of specialized serum to plump and moisturize your new, fresh face. It’s truly a one of a kind experience!

The free Perk facial is only being offered at 100 Sephora stores right now, and you can check if your location is one of them by visiting Sephora’s website. You don’t need an appointment and all you need to do is drop that $75 you’ve been meaning to spend anyways.

––Karly Wood


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