How to Get Kids to Love Summer Reading, According to an Expert

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School might be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean kids should stop hitting the books. Summer brain drain is a totally legit phenomenon, but it can be easily avoided if you encourage kids to keep reading by finding ways to make it fun.

Karen Nitzkin, certified reading specialist, English teacher and founder of the Bear & Bud Book Club, a monthly subscription box of books and crafts that inspires a passion for reading, shared her tips and tricks to help kids fall in love with summer reading. Here’s what she said:

Read Anytime
Reading doesn’t have to be a bedtime ritual. Yes, that’s an ideal way to put little ones to bed. But I recommend reading in the morning, to help your kids ease into the day, and always keeping a book close by so that your kids can read whenever there’s downtime—whether it’s in line at the grocery store, on your daily commute, or while they’re waiting for the end of a sibling’s soccer practice.

Make Reading Social
Just because your kid is obsessed with the Ramona series, doesn’t mean you’ll never hear from her again. Read it along with her so you can still keep up in conversation. Or help your kids share their love of reading with their friends by facilitating a picture book play date, or monthly book club—this is literally why Bear & Bud Book Club began!

Try More Than One Book at a Time
I’m usually reading a few different types of books at the same time: a novel, a piece of nonfiction, and a magazine. When I know I’ll have extra time to read, I’ll choose a novel, and after a long day at work, the magazine makes more sense. Kids should have the same approach to reading! When they read, there should always be something to grab that fits the mood they’re in (and we all know that mood can vary 100 times an hour). Always help your kids have books on hand for however they’re feeling at the time.

Help Them Keep Track of What They’re Reading
Keeping a list of what books they’ve read will give your kids an immense sense of accomplishment. It’s also a great way to get in the habit of keeping a list of books they want to read next.

Show Your Kids That You Read
Next time you have some time to yourself, pick up a book instead of your phone. We are our kids’ biggest role models and if you show them that you have a love of reading, chances are they’ll want to emulate that.

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What are some ways that you encourage your little one’s love of reading? Share your own tips in the comments below.

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