How to Help Make a Family Vacation Fun for Everyone

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Do you envy those families who come back from their trips with hundreds of amazing photos and wonderful memories while your family trips end in tears, scrapes, and siblings not talking to each other? Well, here’s how you can plan your family trip that will guarantee zero tears and broken relationships.  

1. Plan with the youngest family member in mind. When planning your day, keep your youngest kid in mind. Know that your little ones can’t walk all day and they won’t suddenly develop different needs and wishes just because you’re not home. Keep your schedule simple and have the patience for plenty of breaks. If you need to have a play stop at every local park in order to prevent meltdowns, do so! 

2. Choose one big activity/destination per day. A city bus tour, natural history museum, horseback riding, no matter what you choose, make sure to keep your schedule very simple and opt for only one main activity per day. Older kids are willing to spend the entire day walking and exploring, but kids will not be ready to cooperate. With only one task for the day, you will feel amazing after you accomplish it and will have a lot of time for relaxation. 

3. Don’t go anywhere without snacks. Kids can be unbearable when hungry, so don’t risk anything when going on adventures. Almost any problem can be solved with tasty snacks and treats, so stock up on Tupperware and pack your backpacks well. The fuel will always put a smile back on your kids’ faces. 

4. Hit restaurants during off-hours. When the place is mostly empty, it will be so much easier to seat your big group and get the best service. When you’re done eating and ready to hit the road, let one adult take the kids outside while the other one stays to pay. These few minutes, while you’re waiting for the bill, is when most issues come up, so make sure to skip the scene and get your kids outside. 

5. Don’t over plan. Tired kids, tired parents and a tight schedule do not mix together. It’s best to have a loose plan than a family that’s too busy to have any fun on their trip! Sometimes plans and schedules don’t work, so go with the flow and enjoy your time anyway. 

By following these tricks, you’ll see that traveling with your kids can be a happy adventure for everyone.


My name is Sienna, and I am a full-time mum and proud owner of two beautiful dogs, Coco and Hulk. I am passionate about my pets and writing too, and found a way to help others by sharing my experience and writing about topics that are found useful.