Blankets Away! Take Your Teddy on a Picnic

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His snuggles bring big smiles and whisk boo-boos and bad dreams away instantly. Nope, we’re not talking about dad. We’re talking about your kidlet’s furry fave, her teddy. Plan the perfect picnic for this beary bestest family member. Here’s what you need to know…beyond the bear necessities.

girl with teddy bear pincic
1. Start with the invite list. Let your mini me decide which furry friends make the cut. But as far as we’re concerned, the more the bear-ier is a good rule to follow!

making nametags for teddies

2. Add in some art. Whipping up cute name tags for everyone adds an air of importance to your picnic party. Have your sidekick write out each bear’s name or color something special to make her guests feel welcome.

Dress like bear

3. Dress the part. On this picnic, imitation is totally the best form of flattery. Pick your favorite furry friend and wear his (or her) beary best on your trip. Love you some Winnie? Try donning a red T-shirt, embellished with a quickly scrawled “Pooh” pinned to the front. Maybe Corduroy is more her style. Pull on some overalls and leave one strap undone. Simple is best with these stylish ensembles.

girl cutting flower teddy bear pincic

4. Make a centerpiece. Have your little gardener gather the last of the summer flowers to make a colorful centerpiece. Or put out the honey pot to help set the blanket scene.

make centerpiece teddy bear picnic

5. Plan the perfect menu. Beyond your typical picnic provisions, you’ve got to pack some bear-themed faves for everyone to enjoy. And that means berries and honey. Toss together a simple berry salad or try this blackberry strawberry pudding.Toss some ripe blueberries, raspberries and blackberries over yogurt to take care of the teddies’ berry cravings. As for honey, pair it with a nut butter to make simple sandwiches with mass appeal, or drizzle it over yogurt and add some cinnamon for a sweet treat to finish your picnic feast.

feeding teddies on picnic

6. Find just the right spot. Everyone knows that outdoor picnics are the best, especially when teddy bears are invited. But if the weather’s being as uncooperative as a two-year old, build a bear cave (think blanket fort) and set up your picnic there instead.

Bear hunt

7. Go on a bear hunt. When your belly’s full, it’s time for your kidlet to take her favorite teddy on a hunt for other furry friends. Sing this tot lot fave echo-call back style or go through the movements alongside your sidekick and her snuggly pal. Or maybe the Teddy Bear Picnic is more your style?

Do you think you’ll plan a teddy bear picnic? Tell us how it goes in a Comment. 

—all photos and copy by Allison Sutcliffe