How to Make New Mom Friends in Just a Few Clicks

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The only thing harder than juggling diaper changes and toddler tantrums is figuring out how to make new mom friends. Motherhood can be lonely, especially when you’re new to it, and having friends going through the same things you are can be imperative to not losing your mind. A new app is making it easier to build your mom tribe and you can finally find someone to share that hard-earned bottle of rosé with.

The Peanut app is making it easier for moms to connect and meet up. If we’re being honest, it’s a little like Tinder for moms, but without the um, other stuff—and it’s a great tool for moms—especially new moms or those moving to new cities—to meet other moms. So how does it work? Using machine-learning and smart algorithms, the app matches moms based on commonalities based info that you provide when you build a profile—everything from your location, kids’ ages and your personal interests.

photo: Peanut

Once you fill out your info, you’ll be provided with potential matches who you can choose to interact with a simple swipe up to send a virtual wave. If your potential mom-friend sends a wave back, you’ll see a list of all your shared interests for a great ice breaker.

Once you’ve made connections you can use the app to chat and make plans for play dates and moms nights. You can also easily invite the mom friends you already have to join, making it easier to plan and schedule group meet-ups.

Peanut also has a “pages” feature that allows users to post about and discuss all things parenting-related, from teething tips to the best local playgrounds. This feature also utilizes the apps smart algorithms so the more you interact with posts, the more the content you view will be tailored to your interests.

The Peanut app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Raw Pixel via Unsplash


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