How to Prepare for Fall: Kids’ Essentials and Rain Gear for the Cold Season

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As October approaches kids’ wardrobe will require some serious adjustments. Unfortunately, we all feel pretty bad for all those summer dresses and thin clothes we have to put away. The biggest challenge? Unboxing fall clothes and rain gear you have stored in the garage and making time to do a ton of laundry before packing summer stuff away.

Reorganizing a full closet and swapping between the summerish stuff and the rain gear can be quite a hassle. Not to mention the clutter and all the noise the kids usually make when they have to try on all the clothes from last year to see if they’re still a good fit.

Here are some quick tips on how to prepare your kids’ closet for fall and some outfits for rainy days at school or for long outdoorsy games. Hopefully, this is going to save you some time and sanity. Or not, depending on how much energy your kids have.

Step 1: Sorting closets out

Now is the time to be brave: empty all the closets of your kid and make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Make 3 piles of clothes: summer stuff, aseasonal things (such as underwear, socks, bodysuit or things that can be integrated into a fall wardrobe etc) and things that don’t fit anymore. Summer stuff you have to put away, aseasonal things can stay (and organized!) and stuff that doesn’t fit anymore can be either donated, or sold at local clothing fairs. This step is pretty important if you want to make room for fall wear and rain gear.

Step 2: Make a list with fall essentials

There are things without we couldn’t survive during fall. Hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans, jumper dresses or jackets – these items have fall written all over them. Make a list with all the stuff your kid needs and stick to it. Don’t let yourself drift away and bring unnecessary items home.

The golden rule: Always ask yourself these 2 questions before buying something:

– Is this item appropriate for fall days or rainy ones?

– Is this item aseasonal?

If the answer for any of these question isn’t YES, drop it. Easy, right?

Step 3: Get some rain gear ASAP

We can all agree that kids love puddle jumping. Without proper rain gear, your little one wouldn’t enjoy rainy days and it all can transform quickly into a nightmare. Put these items on your list and star them: rain boots, raincoat, umbrella and water-resistant pants.

Step 4: Review the fall stuff you have stored from previous years

Kids grow fast, but unfortunately, clothes stay the same. Review all the items you already have and keep the ones that are a good fit. Donate the rest of them or keep them if you have a younger kid. Make an inventory of stuff your kid can still use and cross them out of the list.

Step 5: Go shopping!

Now the fun part begins: after you made room into the little one’s closet, have your lists ready and know exactly what stuff to buy, hit the road. Take your kid and go shopping. If you’re shopping online, make sure you first look for coupon deals or discount codes. Never miss an opportunity to save some money.

Valentina Chiriacescu
Tinybeans Voices Contributor

Valentina is a young mother and a Children Fashion Manager for Sophia's st‌yle Boutique, where she brings in new kids clothing collections, enjoys writing for the blog and helps customers get the best items for their little ones!