How to Remember All of Their “Firsts”


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Remember the excitement of when you had your first-born? We were on top of archiving, framing, and documenting every “first” in their lives. But then life gets busy (all of the activities that kindergartners do are mind-boggling) and somehow we sometimes forget that they continue to have “firsts” in their lives. A big area that direly needs archiving is their first sports memories!  How many baseball, soccer, and basketball group photos and jerseys are just lying around collecting dust? Let’s do our little athletes a favor and make them their own hall of fame. After all, they did earn their trophies and those should be rightfully displayed on the mantle!

Gather your materials:
16 inch x 20 inch shadow box
Sewing pins (ones with long stems)
Your kid’s sports photos, jersey, trophy, etc.


  1. Gather all materials in front of you. Open your shadow box and lay the glass covering aside.  Take the backboard and lay it somewhere flat (floor is best).


  1. Place your child’s jersey so that the number on the back is displayed. Be sure to fold it in half and play around with the sleeves so that any memorable group patches are showing.
  2. Once you have the jersey positioned, you may want to staple the sleeves in place so that it doesn’t move when you try to transfer the frame.


  1. Then using the sewing pins, pin each corner of the shirt into the board. This will protect it from moving around and keep it in place.


  1. Then place group photos at the bottom and place them where you like them to be. Once you have found the right spots for them, staple them into the board.


  1. Cover the frame by putting the glass cover back onto backboard.


  1. Find a place in the house where the Hall of Fame can be proudly displayed. You can hang them on a wall in a playroom or on a bookshelf in the family office. You can place the trophies and other items in and around the frames.
  2. Voila! Your little athlete’s Hall of Fame!


Do you commemorate your kiddo’s accomplishments in any special way? 

Written and photos taken by: Sommy Rhee

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