How to Stay in Sweden for Free with Airbnb

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photo: Pasi Mammela via Flickr

If you’re looking for an amazing family adventure that won’t cost you a dime in hotel fees, then look no further than the beautiful Scandinavian destination of Sweden. Sweden is the first entire country to be listed on the Airbnb site and is offering its natural accommodations free of charge.

In an effort to ramp up tourism, the country of Sweden is building on its national policy called Allemansrätten that allows you to eat, sleep, and stay just about anywhere in nature for free. In a country covered in dense forests and surrounded by the sea, there’s plenty of natural space to go around. The Visit Sweden campaign has listed the entire country on Airbnb in order to highlight just how phenomenal its natural accommodations really are.

Like any Airbnb listing, Sweden offers a variety of amenities, like the ability to collect berrries and mushrooms, going swimming in lakes, and catching fish. If that sounds idyllic and you don’t mind sleeping under the stars, pack up your tent and book a flight to Sweden. Click here to find out more about Sweden’s full policies on the “freedom to roam.”

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