10 Warning Signs You’re a Tank Mom (or Dad)

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In the world of toy trains, there are those who “like” Thomas and then there are those, who, well…they really wan’t to be Thomas. If you’ve got a Little Blue Engine haunting your halls, floors and possibly even your dreams, you are probably the parent of a Thomas-obsessed child. Not sure if you’ve crossed over to that side of the tracks yet?  Read on for a Really Useful list of warning signs.

day out with thomasPhoto by Melissa Bouse

1. The family pet has been renamed Percy (or James, or Clarabel or Henry).

2. You know by name each train you’ve stubbed your toe on.

3. Check your purse: you never leave home without out at least two trains (and two coal cars).

4. The coffee table has been replaced by a train table.

5. The living room rug is now called Sodor (and you can’t really walk through it. And you thought the train table would help.Ha!)

6. You catch yourself humming, “They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight…” while pairing socks.

7. You have contemplated, and possibly given in to, the idea of buying a second set of tracks for Grandma’s house so you don’t have to haul them back and forth.

8. Riding the subway is actually fun.

9. Honestly, you can kinda relate to Cranky.

10. Time outs have been given for such antics as “shunting” another kid at the playground.

How do you know your kid is obsessed with Thomas? Share the “signs” in the comments below! 


—Amber Guetebier, Jacqui Boland, Meghan Rose, Gabby Cullen, Kristina Moy, Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Wendy Guetebier