Follow These 5 Tips to Become a Superhero Overnight

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Let imaginations head up, up and away with these super easy ways to turn your child into a superhero. Using mostly things you have around your house—and a few superpowers—you’ll soon be saving the world with your sidekick. Scroll down for five simple ways to make it happen.

wonder woman superhero girl photo: Nathan Rupert via flickr

1. Do something heroic. Kids don’t have to travel far or wide to make a difference, they can be superheroes right in their own ‘hood. Here are 10 ways children can change the world.

superherochase_gabbycullen_comicbooks_national_redtricyclephoto: Gabby Cullen

2. Wear it well. If you don’t already have a full costume hanging around we can help. Try this super simple DIY cape that will have them flying in not time.

lego cityphoto: Carissa Rogers via flickr

3. Leap over tall buildings. Make a little city or some skyscrapers out LEGOS, blocks and other toys or try this cute cardboard city and then take turns jumping over, Superman-style. 

Carrot Orange Juicephoto: My Fussy Eater

4. Eat superfoods. Make sure everyone in the house keeps up their strength for all the daily adventure with cold-busting superfoods

DIY Comic step 5photo: Melissa Heckscher 

5. Create your own hero. Follow our easy tutorial to help your kiddos invent and write their own comic strip superhero!

What superhero games do you play with your kids? Tell us your ideas in a comment below. 

—Amber Guetebier

featured image by Brian Dewey via flickr