So, About Those Trendy Hunter for Target Collection Boots You Really Wanted…

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Fate just might be raining on the newest big red bullseye retailer’s limited-edition collab. And sadly, you won’t have anything to protect your feet. The Hunter tall rain boots at Target garnered much anticipatory excitement from women across the country. And as we all not-so-patiently waited for the doors to open and the Hunter for Target collection to make its grand in-store debut, something was amiss. More specifically, something was missing.

The women’s tall rain boots were noticeably absent from the Hunter for Target collab collection lineup. So where are these reasonably-priced, and totally adorable, boots? As it turns out, Target wasn’t completely happy with the production outcome. And if Target isn’t happy with the product, they don’t want you to pay for it. That’s right, Target may be all about giving their customers a great value. But they won’t do it at your cost (meaning that they have standards, and stick to them).

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Target first announced that the boots would be in stores, but on a delayed schedule. Even though they took time to work out production issues, the retailer still wasn’t completely satisfied. According to a press release from Target’s Chief Merchandising Officer and Executive Vice President, Mark Tritton, “After a thorough evaluation, we’ve decided not to make this item available. We’re very sorry, but the production simply didn’t meet our standards, Hunter’s standards, or the standards we want guests to have when they shop at Target.”

But what about the boots they did make? Target is doing right by Mother Earth in addition to its customers, too: Tritton also added, “We are working with a third party to recycle the boots.”

Did you buy anything from the Hunter for Target collection? Share your thoughts on this limited-edition collaboration with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop

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