Hurricane Helpers: This Little Girl’s Letter to Her Police Officer Dad Is Precious

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When you leave for work, chances are your kiddo grabs onto your leg, hugs you, gives a little kiss and goes back to play time. Well, not for police commander Scott Holt. When he left home to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey his daughter Makenna did more than just throw out a, “See you dad.” Check out the absolutely adorable, and super-special, note that Holt’s daughter handed her daddy.

The Waco police department commander wasn’t on duty when he traveled to Houston. He and other police volunteers went to the hurricane-stricken area to do whatever they could to help those in need. Garnering the admiration of his young daughter, Holt was treated to a sweet note wishing him well on his way.

His daughter wrote (in a letter that the Waco Police Department shared on their Facebook page), “Dear Daddy, I hope you don’t get hurt, but I hope you help other people that need it more than you do.” Aww. What an amazing sense of empathy for a young child to have!

Holt, a 22-year veteran of the police department reportedly welled up when he read his daughter’s wonderful wishes.

Sure, our kids might secretly appreciate everything we do for them every day. But this is certainly a very special dad — and a very special daughter. The little girl finished the note by writing, “I hope no one gets hurt more. I hope everyone gets away from the hurricane. I love you!” Now we’re about to cry.

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