Ice Cream Donuts Are the Coolest Summer Craze

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photo: My B Sweet via Instagram

Why settle for plain ice cream in a cup when you can enjoy it nestled inside a fluffy donut? This summer’s coolest sweet treat is a match made in sugary heaven. Instagram feeds are full of pics of this delicious concoction and it’s not hard to see why it’s a megahit.

B Sweet Dessert Bar in Los Angeles, seems to be the originator of this trending treat, sharing pics of their glazed donuts filled with ice cream. The ice cream is heat-sealed inside the donuts, but it manages to stay ice cold, making it the perfect summer indulgence.

If you don’t live in the area don’t worry, this trend is sure to spread faster than you can say cronut. Already San Diego’s Cookie Monster Ice Cream is dishing up “Monster Donuts”.

New York hot spot, Holey Cream, offers ice cream donut sandwiches. Not identical, but equally delicious.

Keep your eyes on your favorite local bakery for ice cream donuts.

What does your family like better, ice cream or donuts? Tell us in the comments below.