If You’ve Ever Thought You Had Mommy Brain, Check This Out

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Mommy brain is totally a real thing. Seriously, there’s been research on the subject saying that it actually happens. Not so long ago, researchers from Leiden University the Netherlands found that women may lose gray matter for the first two years after pregnancy. Hey, this doesn’t make mamas dumb. The researchers also found that this was a beneficial pruning that in some way facilitated bonding with baby. But, that doesn’t change the fact that mommy brain can cause some serious damage — or at least embarrassment. And Lauren Lodder knows this first hand.

Lodder, the mama behind the blog Mommy Owl, posted a real-life story of just how bad mommy brain can be. Her Facebook post detailed a scene that most of us can totally imagine happening.

After going to a bakery near her home, Lodder walked her kiddos home. No big deal. Right? The mom put her kids to bed, then fell asleep herself. When the morning came she noticed something. Something pretty major. Her car was missing.

Instead of being parked in her garage, there was an empty space where the car used to be. Lodder did what anyone would do, she called the police. If you’re thinking, “How could someone steal her car right out from under her? From the garage?” you might not be asking the right questions.

When the police called to report Lodder’s car found, they noted that it was parked in the bakery/coffee shop around the corner from her home. Yes, the same one she took her kids to the day before.

Yep, that’s right. The mom spaced out and walked her kids home, leaving her car behind in the parking lot.

What’s your biggest mommy brain flub? Share your story in the comments below.