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Now that Halloween has come and gone, celebrate the season with this bountiful list of fall fun. From creating leaf yard art to cooking up a crockpot full of homemade apple sauce, we came up with 30 days worth of activities so you can easily keep busy between trick-or-treat and gobble gobble.

Toilet Paper Roll Owls
photo: Happy Hooligans

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1. As parents of toddlers, we can all appreciate a little potty humor. But what about potty art? Check out these adorable toilet paper roll owls by Happy Hooligans that have us hoarding every roll we find.

2. Make pumpkin slime with all those leftover Halloween pumpkins. Check out this recipe by Learn Play Imagine for the scoop on how to make it!

Leaf Creatures
photo: The Mother Huddle

3. Make simple leaf crafts like these adorable popsicle puppets by The Mother Huddle. All you need are leaves, popsicle sticks, a couple of accessories, and the time it takes for the Elmer’s to dry.

4. Taste the season with a recipe for baked cinnamon apple chips by Sally’s Baking Addiction. Easy enough for little bakers to help, this recipe is one for the family cookbook.

Apple Turnovers
photo: Mattie Hagedorn via flickr Creative Commons

5. Didn’t spend a year at a pastry school in Paris? No problem. With this delectable (and easy) recipe from our Editorial Director, you can whip up a batch of apple turnovers easy enough for little hands to help and guaranteed to please every palate.

6. Before apples take all the glory, give a lil’ love to corn. After all, it was on the original Thanksgiving table. Check out these cool corn crafts that’ll leave you speechless.

Ears and Eyes and Mouth and Nose
photo: Gabby Cullen

7. Halloween may be in our rear view mirrors, but Dia de los Muertos is November 1st. Make a slinky skeleton using our play by play here, and introduce one of the rich traditions from the holiday into your home.

8. You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy the splendor of leaves changing colors. Just grab a couple of coffee filters and this how-to on making tie-dye leaves by Busy Bee Kids Crafts— you’ll get your leaf fix in no time.

9. Try Kids Activities Blog‘s twist on making candy apples, which uses leftover Halloween candy instead of the gooey (and get all over your kids’ face and hair and clothes) kind of caramel coating. With nothing but a little peanut butter and a few placed Skittles, you’ll have an edible work of art in no time!

fall rice recipes
photo: Growing a Jeweled Rose

10. The scents of autumn take the cake (and pumpkin bread, and cinnamon chai latte, and apple turnover) for being the coziest to come home to all year long. Take a page out of Growing a Jeweled Rose‘s playbook and create fall scented rice, perfect for sensory play!

11. When your outside playing is cut short by a blast of cold air, head inside armed with these delicious ideas for hot chocolate. You’ll probably need to double the recipe.

Carnival Game: Bobbing for Apples

12. We know, mom always said not to play with our food, but since mom is Grandma now and we’re the ones in charge, we highly recommend giving one of these awesome activities a whirl. From exploding apples to apple stamps, you’ll find plenty of fun to keep the kids busy.

13. With nothing but a little adhesive, a few glass jars and the prettiest leaves you can find, you’ll be on your way to a memorable mantlepiece in no time. Find out how to make your own leaf votive on Diply.

photo: Dave Null via flickr creative commons

14. Celebrate fall with an Autumn Equinox feast with foods from around the globe. For inspiration, ideas, and recipes, click here.

15. Kick snack time up a notch by playing with your cubed apples and building with them, using nothing but toothpicks and your own imagination. Fun at Home with Kids can help you get started and provide inspiration for your apple masterpieces.

photo: Crystal & Co. 

16. Warning: While this activity will leave your house smelling great and your kids happy, it may lead to disappointment by visitors when they learn that there is, in fact, no pumpkin pie. But don’t let that stop you. Use this recipe for pumpkin pie play dough by Crystal & Co. and prepare to be hungry.

17. Instead of working all day trying to get rid of them, why not spend the day installing your own leaf yard art? Little helpers will love sorting the leaves into piles of red, orange, yellows, greens and browns, and once you’ve outlined your design with sticks and twigs, turn them loose as they paint the design with the brightly colored leaves they’ve found! For inspiration, check out this example.

Pine Cone Turkeys
photo: A Pumpkin & A Princess

18. Whether you’re cooking a feast for extended family and friends with heirloom recipes or planning to pick up a turkey to go, your table can be properly dressed with any of these adorable handmade centerpieces for Thanksgiving. Plan on breaking out the glue sticks a solid two weeks prior to the big day, just so you can enjoy your little turkeys’ handiwork all month long.

19. Gardens are great and scarecrows are sweet, but until you turn the littles loose on making one in their own likeness, you’ve not lived. Just wait until they start planning what their little scarecrows will wear! Little Green Fingers will lead you from start to finish.

Acorn Necklaces
photo: Whimsy Love

20. Make this activity an all day affair, starting with a hunt for the perfect acorn followed by serious design work and topped off with an acorn necklace jewelry showcase. For the low-down on how to make these little gems, check out Whimsy Love‘s tutorial.

21. Give the birdies in your yard something to sing about! With nothing but a little peanut butter, birdseed, and a few other ingredients, you’ll have happy aviaries and budding bird watchers. My Kids Adventures has everything you’ll need to make it happen.

Fall Leaf Globe
photo: Frugal Fun for Boys

22. Who says snow globes must have snow? Check out Frugal Fun for Boys‘ DIY fall leaves globe for instructions and the how-to.

23. Is there anything bluer than a clear sky in November? Get outside and enjoy this mild weather before the short, cold days of winter arrive. Need some inspiration for new outdoor games? Check out this list by Kids Activities.

Crock pot apple sauce
photo: Alan Levine via flickr Creative Commons

24. They’ll be amazed that applesauce doesn’t only come from a squeeze pouch! For a house that smells as good as the applesauce tastes, check out this crock pot recipe by Mommy Makes It Better.

25. We know you have it. Somewhere in your house is a stash of leftover Halloween candy that is taunting you. Put it (and you) out of misery by using it in a science experiment. Check out Science Sparks for a list of ways to turn that sugar into science.

Family Tree
photo: Modern Parents Messy Kids

26. Since we’re all thankful for family, what better time of year than the fall to make a family tree? Check out Modern Parents Messy Kids for ideas on how to get started.

27. Enjoy the gorgeous weather of the fall now but plan for those cold days to come by making tissue-paper stained glass to hang on your windows in the months ahead. They’re guaranteed to brighten any room! Get the how-to from Mom on Time Out.

Acorn Art
photo: Nurture Store

28. Make like a squirrel and create acorn art that’s worthy of the front cover of any holiday card. Check out the Nurture Store‘s tutorial for instructions.

29. Decorate fall leaves and make a fall garland decoration using the prettiest leaves you can find a handful of Sharpies for embellishment. The Artful Parent has instructions and inspiration.

photo: The Picky Apple

30. Go on. Dig in the back of that junk drawer or go fishing in your pail of special event wine corks because once you see these paintings of autumn trees, you’ll give up on brushes and go cork, all the way. Check out The Picky Apple‘s step-by-step for details on how to make your own.

How do you play in the fall? Tell us in the comments section below!

— Shelley Massey


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