9 Inspiring Birthday Party Ideas

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From camping themed birthdays to circus-style bashes and even a glow in the dark soiree, we’ve come across some pretty impressive kids birthday parties. One thing is for certain: when it comes to your kiddo’s birthdays, you parents sure aren’t holding back, ignoring old school games like pin the tail on the donkey and opting instead for bigger, badder, and better decor, activities and themes. We love the creativity and inspiration of each party and we can’t wait to share with you our favorites. Take a look below and if you have a tip about a cool party, click here to submit it to our editorial team. 

Camping-Themed First Birthday Party
While the idea of camping with our kids seems fun in theory, getting down and dirty in a tent with our tots doesn’t always turn out as glorious as we imagined. We love this birthday party because it takes the hassle out of camping and couples it with a fun party. Take a look at this first birthday party, which comes complete with fishing activities for the little ones, a trail mix stand, and personalized banners and signs.

Thomas the Tank Party
When it comes to our train-crazy kids, it doesn’t get much better than Thomas the Tank. Whether your child has Thomas gear plastered all of her room or is a Thomas the Tank newbie, she will love this birthday party. We’ve got the low down on inspiring invites, decorations, food, and even Thomas-themed activities and games. Click here for all the choo-choo-tastic details. 

Angry Birds Birthday Party
We’re all too familiar with this little game that our kids (ok, and us) have been glued. After all, we’re the first to admit that we’re guilty of putting them there in the first place. But still, who knew that Angry Birds could be so much more than just a small distraction? For all of you Angry Birds fanatics, here are some great tips from invites to decor to party favors to celebrate your kiddo’s birthday Angry Birds-style. 

Eco-Friendly Party
Even though you’re hosting a party for the wee ones, doesn’t mean you can’t make it an eco-friendly affair. Click here to discover the best way to green your party from eco-friendly invites to creative party favors.

Rock Star Party
We love this rockstar birthday bash that takes one kiddo’s love of music to a whole different level. Get inspired by the amazing treats, creative homemade guitars, VIP passes, and even jam session of this memorable party.

Circus Themed Party
Even though it sometimes feels like our house is a circus, we suggest turning your house into the real thing for your kid’s next birthday party. We’ve put together a guide on how to throw a super fun and memorable circus party, which even the most creative-challenged parents can pull off.

Hawaii-3-Oh! A Luau Themed Party
You don’t need to pack a suitcase (or even your swimsuit) to attend this beachy party. Get inspired by this luau themed party, which features hula girl cake and cookies, a kiddie pool, and even hula lessons for the party goers.

Halloween Birthday Party
Who would have ever thought to combine both a kids birthday party and a Halloween party into one festive celebration? One creative mama did just that and the result is a spooktacular party complete with custom made favors, signage and of course, a bevy of sweet and spooky desserts. Click here to take a look at the awesome halloween birthday party.

Glow in the Dark Astronaut Party
This party is out of this world. Party goers enjoyed a bunch of fun outer space-themed activities and a glow in the dark necklaces, glow sticks and leis. Take a look to see how you can throw a similar party and really wow your guests.

Which party is your favorite? Are you getting inspired to throw a totally awesome birthday party for your child this year? 


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