Is Beyonce Pregnant? The Internet Is Freaking Out Over These Crazy “Clues”

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Headlines are popping up all over and asking a very important question: Is Beyoncé pregnant with baby number four? Beyonce isn’t called “Queen Bey” for being a master of subtlety, but she does like to tease her fans with lots of clue-laden and symbol-rich imagery.

So, what has fans in an uproar over a possible third pregnancy for the 36-year-old singer? We take a look at some recent “clues” the Beyhive can’t stop buzzing about.

Clue 1: Baby Bump Rub

Music is a huge part of Beyoncé’s life so it wouldn’t be a surprised if she incorporated it into another pregnancy announcement. Fans made a keen observation of Bey resting her hand on her belly at the end of a duo with hubby on a recent show and it has us wondering, too.

Clue 2: A Very Interesting Photo Op

The music superstar has been known in years past to rile up her fans with tons of visual clues, like she did before dropping her Lemonade visual album. Aside from hinting at something, we can’t imagine the desire to pose next to a number 4 at random, can you? Actually, Bey and hubs LOVE the number 4, and the photo sits alongside several others on the same photo shoot. Perhaps it’s just a 4…or perhaps more?

Clue 3: Bloating, Weight Gain or Budding Baby Bump?

And finally, apparently no woman is exempt from a little weight gain or even bloating now and then, and some fans are using it to support the theory that Beyonce is expecting. While this observation is certainly subjective, when you add it to the other two “clues” we’ve rounded up, it does give you something to think about! Personally, we think Bey is rocking it.

While we totally get the Beyhive’s excitement, the fact is that the star will tell us whether she’s pregnant or not when she wants to. Perhaps she would be more inclined to drop the news a little quicker if people weren’t interpreting every fluctuation in weight or hand gesture as some sort of super secret preggo code.

For now, we choose to focus on the amazingness that is Beyoncé. We know she’ll share whatever joy she’s rocking in her life when she’s good and ready.

—Featured Photo: Beyoncé via Instagram


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