Why Doesn’t Anyone Want to Try Jennifer Garner’s New Baby Food Line?

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Some celebs are triple threats who can act, sing and dance—but there many with a fourth talent in the kitchen. Oprah has a line of veggie-infused soups, sides and pizzas while Jessica Alba famously makes her Honest products. Jennifer Garner has a new line of organic baby food that you can add to the plethora of celeb-backed foods you already know. Oh, and it’s good for your kiddo, too!

Garner’s Once Upon a Farm line features cold-pressed organic foods that you can find in the baby food aisle of your local grocer. And apparently, that’s where some lucky shoppers can find Garner, too, as a recent Instagram Story revealed.

When the mama, actress and baby food-maker set up shop at a Kroger supermarket in Cincinnati, Ohio, she didn’t exactly get the welcome she expected. Garner posted an Instagram Story showcasing her experience handing out samples—and it’s absolutely adorable.

Photo: Jennifer Garner via Instagram

As customers walked by, Garner tried to entice them to try out her baby food. Even though you’d think that a celebrity handing out free samples of baby food would get plenty of positive attention, things didn’t necessarily happen that way. One man took a pass on her offer, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m really busy.”

Garner took the snub like a champ, saying, “I understand. No problem!”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jennifer Garner via Instagram



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