Fun & Easy Kids Art Idea: Monoprints

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When you have multiple children of varying ages, sometimes it’s hard to find an art
project that everyone will enjoy. If you opt for a simple art technique with an open-ended approach, children can adapt the project to their own pace and skills.

Check out this
printmaking project that is just as fun for young toddlers as it is for an 8 year old!

Paint (tempera, acrylic, or printing ink)
Small paint roller or brayer
Small acrylic or glass plate (5×7 photo box frames are great), or any smooth surface
White paper (any size, as long as it’s a little larger than the plate)

1: Use the roller to cover the acrylic plate with paint
2: Draw a design into the paint with a Q-tip*
3: Press the paper down onto the plate and rub gently. Then peel it up to reveal your
*Whatever you draw will print backwards, so if you write a word, remember to write it

Megan Schiller is an artist/designer and teaches toddler art classes in Mill Valley.
Her adorable 2 yr old is covered in paint most of the time. For more toddler art ideas,
check out her class blog or e-mail Megan.