Celebrate in Style: How to Throw the Coolest Angry Birds Party

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We’re all too familiar with this little game that our kids (ok, and us) have been glued. After all, we’re the first to admit that we’re guilty of putting them there in the first place. But still, who knew that Angry Birds is so much more than just a small distraction? While our kids are shooting birds at pigs, it’s time for us grown-ups to prepare for a whole new game: a full fledged Angry Birds-themed birthday party. From invitations to games coming at you in 3D, we’ve got the low-down on how to throw an all-out party Angry Birds style. We promise that the only angry birds will be the ones you make.

 photo courtesy of julianz via flickr


photo courtesy of Angry Birds Nest

The great thing about Angry Birds is their simple design. Anyone (even the most craft-adverse of us) can replicate the hilarious pigs with some green cardboard paper, goggly eyes and a black sharpie. Need a guide? Valita at Valita’s Designs & Fresh Folds has a free print-out pattern of the piggies.

                                                                                                                                                   photo courtesy of Venecccia via Etsy

Or if you want to go the hassle-free store-bought route, purchase some digital files on Etsy by venecccia, who will customize the text for you to bring to your local print shop.


With the invitations out and the RSVPs in, it’s time to transform your home (and yard) into an Angry Birds arena. We love these Angry Birds balloons that can be found on eBay. Or, get crafty with these free-printable templates from The Party Animal. Cut, paste and hold on before they fly!

photo courtesy of Kimberly at BKTribe

LittlePlasticMan has print-out templates to make these decorative Angry Bird boxes, and Crafts by Amanda uses simple paper towel rolls to create these imposing birds. Both these ideas work as great hiders if you’re thinking of hosting a Golden Egg Hunt later! Or take some thread and line your decorations from wall to wall. It only takes a little imagination to make something fly.

If you don’t feel like buying the set of napkins, plates and cups from Party City, buy some plain colored cups and a sharpie. Guests will definitely find these little sketches super endearing.

photo courtesy of KadburyIs

If you don’t have time for helium balloons or crafting, check out these removable wall decals for only $10. These decals will instantly transform any room into an Angry Birds arena.


Whether you’re holding a party for the young or old (yes, this birthday party theme can be for grown-ups too!), there are plenty of Angry Birds games to go around.

We all know those birds just want to protect their golden eggs, so why not have an Angry Birds Egg Hunt? Paint some eggs or buy plastic yellow ones (you can even hide surprises inside for your party goers). To make this game a little more complicated, make some special eggs (gold, of course), and watch your Angry Birds go into an egg-hunting frenzy.

Another fun activity is to turn those Angry Birds and pig eggs into ones the kiddos can bring home to enjoy. You can use real eggs or foam/wood ones for those who want to make keepsakes. Set up a crafts table with paints or edible food-safe dyes (and newspaper or plastic coverings underneath) and let the kids go to town decorating their very own Angry Bird keepsakes.

photo courtesy of youngergirl44 via Flickr

What’s another way the Angry Birds let the pigs know they’re angry? Complete demolition, of course. We think your kiddos will love this pinata. You can purchase an angry pig one here, buy one from eBay, or make your own with paper mache and balloons.

photo courtesy of SimplyStyled via Pinterest

For the more adventurous and crafty parents, we challenge you to build a real-live Angry Birds game. Whether you want the life-size or miniature set-up, don’t be afraid. We’ve got two great examples of  moms and pops who’ve done it before and can show you how to really wow your Angry Birds-loving party goers.

Rachel from What I Made Today does a great, homemade version of the Angry Birds game for her son. She used cardboard boxes (remember: lightweight materials, we’re not building an all-out carnival game), green balloons, and bouncy-balls for a simple, easy re-build version of the game.

photo courtesy of What I MadeToday

Megan of Brassy Apple brought this game to life with toys that can be found in your child’s play box and your own backyard. Complete with a sling-shot, this miniature set will be your home-running hit.

photo courtesy of Brassy Apple

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