These Photos of Kids’ Dream Foods Photoshopped into Reality Are Amazing

Kids have some pretty amazing imaginations and some very interesting tastebuds. One company decided to photoshop kids dream foods to find out exactly what unique dishes, like a chocolate cheeseburger might look like in real life.

Ship It Appliances invited kids to submit drawings of their dream foods and the results are as creative as you would think. “We tasked our and our colleagues’ kids to come up with and draw the meals they would make if they could create anything – no restrictions. We then took those fantasy foods and used the magic of photoshop to turn them into reality,” the company wrote on its blog. From candy bars mixed with hamburgers to glitter meatballs, here are some of the best concoctions the kids came up with.

Chocolate Chip Mars Bar Burger

(Finn, 6)

Crunchy Caramel Banana

(Hannah, 10)

Chocolate Seafood Burger

(Henry, 5)

Pink Glitter Meatballs with Blue Pasta

(Bethany, 9)

Strawberry Pizza

(Finn, 6)

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Ship It Appliances



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