Kids in This Houston Hurricane Shelter Are Getting a Treat From Spider-Man!

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Who better to see when you’re stressed, sad and in a totally crazy-bad situation than a superhero? Well, that’s exactly who the children at the George R. Brown Emergency Center in the Houston area got to meet. After days of torrential rain, flooding and destruction, these kiddos could use any help out there to feel just a little bit better. So when they got a visit from none other than Spider-Man himself, they were all smiles.

When volunteers flocked to the emergency center to help out, no one expected that a full-fledged superhero would show up, too. Even though Spidey couldn’t exactly use his super-powers to stop the flooding or reverse the natural disaster, he was able to bring a teeny, tiny bit of joy to the children who were taking shelter from the storm.

Stef Manisero, from Austin’s Spectrum News, tweeted out pics of a masked person dressed as Spider-Man talking to the children and handing out stickers earlier in the week. Even though the superhero visit couldn’t change the devastation that Harvey had caused, something as small as a high-five from Spidey himself was enough to make a major difference.

Who is this masked man? Hmm. It doesn’t seem like anyone knows. But that also doesn’t seem to matter. In true superhero fashion, he has in his own way “saved the day.”

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