The Cutest Kids on the Ellen Show

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Leave it to Ellen Degeneres to find the most amazingly talented kids in the world. Dancers, climbers, inventors, singers—you name it. Ellen has interviewed them all. Watch our top three clips below!


screenshot via The Ellen Show

Trey is the king of all pregnancy reactions. When six year old Trey was told about the new plus-one to the family, his reaction is surprisingly eloquent, especially for one who is so upset. “This is exasperating!” he says when told the news. Check out the interview where Ellen figures out if Trey really knows what exasperating means.

One of the greatest things about Ellen is how in tuned she is with kids all over the world. Here she brings in Balang, a Filipino dancer, whose dance moves are out of this world. His interview is highly amusing, mostly due to Ellen pretending she understands him, but his dance moves are truly out of this world. And believe it or not, Balang is now a dance instructor.

Cute? Check. Talented? Check. Genius? Check! In this quick video, Ellen introduces three kids and their amazing inventions. See what a fashion friend is, how a bed that duals as an air hockey table works and the ultimate creation that lets you use your laptop in bed.

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