Your Kids Would Rather Watch YouTube Than Read a Book, Survey Confirms


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Here’s a study you can file under “O” for “Obvious: it’s highly likely that your kiddo would rather learn by watching YouTube videos than by picking up at good old-fashioned printed book. Well, now science has verified what you probably already knew—sort of.

A recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll for Pearson found that Millennials and GenZ kids have some slightly differing opinions on learning (and much more!). More than 2,500 teens and adults, ages 14 through 40, completed the 30-minute online survey.

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When it comes to the use of social media, YouTube was the big winner among GenZ kids (with 82 percent reportedly using it compared to 67 percent of Millennials). Likewise GenZer kids use Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter at higher rates than their Millennial counterparts. The only social media outlet that was preferred by Millennials was Facebook—with only 63 percent of GenZ participants picking it, compared to 83 percent of Millennials. So if you’re wondering where the future of social media lies…well, it isn’t on Facebook.

Similar to social media use, YouTube also reigns supreme for GenX-ers in terms of their preferred way of learning. Fifty-nine percent of the GenX group rated YouTube as their learning tool of choice. By comparison, 55 percent of Millennials chose YouTube as their preferred method.

Even though the difference between GenX and Millennial participants may seem small, Millennials actually preferred learning from printed books more than any other method (and yes, including YouTube).

So what does this mean for your kiddo? Well don’t count out books yet. Almost half (47 percent) of GenX teens and young adults still prefer learning from books, so there’s hope yet.

—Erica Loop



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