5 Last-Minute Valentine’s Surprises You Still Have Time to Do


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Yes, we’d all love to say we’ve scoured Pinterest for weeks and been secretly hand-sewing a Valentine out of our little one’s first onesie but the truth is: it’s a Wednesday and you’re busy. But don’t worry! We’ve got a few last-minute tricks that you still have time to do. Scroll down to see.

valentine lunch box photo: Melissa via flickr

1. Heart Shaped Food
If you’re up early making lunches, grab your heart-shaped cookie cutter and turn those PB&Js into PB&Yays! Lunches already made and kids off to school? Think afternoon snack or dinnertime burgers and grilled cheese with a similar theme. You can even cook an egg in the shape of a heart by using a (metal) cookie cutter as a mold.

lunch box note photo: Tim Lauer via flickr

2. Lunch Box Note
You might do this every day anyway, but slipping an “I love you” note in between the celery sticks and the apple slices always brings the grins. Crack the kiddos up by writing in a loving-joke, like “Q: What kind of flowers should you never give on Valentine’s Day? A: Cauliflowers.” Get more silly Valentine’s jokes for kids here.

Love You to Pizzas3. Serve a Card
Make them laugh with a funny card. This hilarious pizza-themed card from Crafty Morning won’t take you long to create and it just requires markers and construction paper to pull off. Give it to them afterschool or put it in place of their dinner plate at supper time tonight! Get the scoop here.

chocolate-milkshake-ccflickr-noiiphoto: ben dalton via flickr 

4. Whip Up a Milkshake
You don’t need a giant heart-shaped box of chocolates to celebrate this sweet holiday: we think a surprise milkshake will make them just as happy. Lucky for us all, we found the easiest chocolate milkshake recipe ever. Seriously, you just need ice cream and chocolate syrup! Throw on a few heart-shaped sprinkles and you are there, baby.

valephoto: Kory Twaites via flickr

5. Surprise ‘Em with a Balloon Drop

Okay, this one is a little more complicated than the others but trust us, you can totally do this. You need:

masking tape
a thin plastic tablecloth or lightweight fabric/netting
streamers (optional)
bike pump or co-workers to help you blow up the balloons

Cut the vinyl cloth down the middle. Using masking tape, lightly tape back together to make a weak “seam” where the cut is. Be sure and leave a long tail of masking tape to use as your pull.

Alternate: you can also lightly tape in place a streamer to patch the seam

Use the masking tape to attach the tablecloth to the ceiling by the four corners, and gently place in the balloons

Wait for an unsuspecting child. Lightly pull on the tape-tail or streamer tail you’ve made, to split the seam and allow the balloons to drop.


Get a more complex step-by-step from Evite here.

Do you have any last-minute Valentines surprises planned? Share your ideas with our community in the comments below! 

—Amber Guetebier


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