This Robot Folds Your Laundry for You Because Laundry Is the Worst

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Everyone knows the worst part about doing laundry is the folding and putting it all away. If your dryer often doubles as the closet because you just can’t manage to get it all folded, then you’re going to want your very own laundry-folding robot.

Plenty of exciting new household gadgets debut at CES 2019 (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show). But none were quite as exciting as an amazing machine called the FoldiMate. All you have to do is place your shirts and pants—folded just once to fit—in the compartment and they come out the other side, neatly folded. A dream come true!

It does have some limitations, however, as it can’t fold tiny baby clothes, socks or those impossible-to-fold fitted mattress sheets. It also comes with a hefty estimated price tag of $980, though the figure hasn’t been made official yet. At a folding rate of 25 items in five minutes, however, $980 doesn’t sound so bad when you have mountains of laundry to get through.

You can join the pre-order waitlist for the FoldiMate here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Matt Henry via Burst



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