Let Your Kids Bathe in Jelly With Lush’s Cool New Bath Bombs

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photo: Lush via Instagram

If bubble baths are getting a little blah for your little bathers, how about turning the bath into a bowl of jelly? Sound awesome? We thought so, too!

Leave it to the trendy UK-based Lush Cosmetics to introduce a new bath bomb that will turn your tub water into a spectacular slimy plunge. On its website, Lush says it created the bath bomb — which fizzes itself away into an oozy, skin-softening goo that your kids will L-O-V-E — as a part of its “ongoing pursuit for extraordinary colours, textures and shapes to surprise and bewilder in the bathtub.”

The bombs release a jelly made from sodium alginate, which comes from mineral-rich seaweed that is not only cool to touch, but a skin-softening agent as well.

“I’m always very interested in what we can create in terms of textures and colours in the water,” product inventor and digital director Jack Constantine said in a statement. “It’s all about creating something that is a bit of a spectacle and is unique while retaining benefits to the skin.”

The Bath Bombs are already selling at Lush’s UK stores and will be released to the U.S. market in the fall (Hint: You can order them now from the UK site if you don’t mind paying extra for shipping!).

There are four kinds of Jelly Bombs to choose from:

The Dark Arts: A Harry Potter-inspired bath bomb (!!) that fills your bath into a sparkly black goo.

The Big Sleep: A lavender-scented bath bomb that’ll turn your tub into a glorious shade of turquoise, it contains ingredients designed to relax and calm (perfect for pre-bedtime baths).

The Green Coconut: Tropically-scented and filled with skin-softening oils, this bomb turns your bath a happy shade of lime green.

Marmalade: Feeling blue? Pop in one of these citrus-scented bath bombs and hang out in a tub full of bright orange slime. How can you be gloomy after that?

Note: These products aren’t marketed to kids, per se, but as long as your little ones don’t try to eat their bath (or rub it directly into their eyes), the ingredients are made from a mix of all-natural and “safe synthetic” ingredients, so your kids should be OK to indulge.

Want to see the bath bombs in action? Watch Lush’s promotional video on Instagram below:

Do you think you’ll give these Jelly Bombs a try? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.