13 Ways to Find Luck in LA

May has the only Friday the 13th of 2016. Forget avoiding black cats and sidewalk cracks, the proper way to celebrate this day is by doing something lucky. From olives and lentils to cookies and pennies, check out this list of our favorite 13 lucky things to do in Los Angeles to bring fortune (and fun) to your family!

photo: Stephanie Sicore via flickr

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1. Take a trip to Los Angeles’ exciting Chinatown.  Eat your fill (Ocean Seafood Restaurant has bountiful Dim Sum selections that are always a hit with the smaller set) of anything, but especially noodles, which Asian culture deems lucky and is said to bring a long, healthy life. Then duck into any Chinatown bakery to grab a bag of fortune cookies.  What luck does your future hold?

2. Try something brand new that you’ve always wanted to do. With “Beginner’s Luck” on your side, you may find greater success than you ever imagined. For something almost no one has tried yet, visit the new Tempest Freerunning Academy in Hawthorne and check out their Parkour classes for tadpoles on up.

3. Cross your fingers. They say simply crossing your fingers will ward off evil spirits. Or if you need a tasty version of twisting, try a pretzel!  While any pretzel will do, for a superlative specimen make a pilgrimage to Röckenwagner in Culver City or Venice for the tastiest twisted bread in town.

photo: Jessica Ritz

4. Find a lucky penny and pick it up and all that day you’ll have good luck. Put some brand new pennies in your old penny loafers, if you’ve got them.  If not, head to one of our favorite fountains where you can toss a penny and make a wish. It’s also fun to simply drop pennies around town to pass on good luck to others. Pay it forward!

5. Read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst to your kids. Afterwards you can discuss perspective with them. Sometimes, bad luck is actually good luck, depending on how you look at it. (Then, curl up at bedtime with the movie!)

photo: Meghan Rose

6. Take advantage of the many wonderful parks and canyons in Los Angeles and go on a four-leaf clover hunt with your little ones. You can find our favorite hikes for littles in strollers here, or maybe visit one of our favorite hikes that end at a waterfall.

7. Watch old episodes of Good Luck, Charlie with your kids and laugh until you cry. It’s a show the whole family can enjoy (which is both rare and lucky!).

8. Cook up a steaming pot of lentils. In Italy, lentils are considered lucky because the little round lentil looks like a coin. They are also delicious, and a very healthy choice. Our favorite way to get lentils is to visit Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica. Get a “Godmother” (best sandwich ever) for lunch and bring home some lentils for luck. And dinner!

photo: Elizabeth Kate

9. Cuddle a white cat. If a black cat is considered “bad luck” (how unfair is that?), then a white cat must be good luck. Share a little love with a white cat, or better yet, go to a local Los Angeles’ shelter, like The Cat’s Meow, and adopt one. Or two. Save a life; your kids and your new cat will be forever grateful.

10. Everyone knows horseshoes are lucky!  We’ve got a list of places where us city folk can hop on a horsie, take a deep breath and feel all the stress of the “big city” melt away. While you’re there, grab an old horseshoe and bring it home. If you put a lucky horseshoe over your front door, it is supposed to bring luck and good energy into your house and home. Be sure to install it with the ends facing up, like a cup. That magic cup holds all the good luck inside.

11. Sure, people say a rabbit’s foot brings good luck, but we think a “faux foot” is decidedly more lucky for rabbits! Check out Tenoversix, which you can find on Melrose Ave or online, a Los Angeles based company that makes a decidedly cool sterling silver rabbit’s foot.

wishbone flickr
photo: Lindsey Turner via flickr

12. Roast a chicken and save the wishbone after every yummy bite is gone. A few days later you can break the wishbone with your strong tots. The lucky winner gets to wish for anything they like.  (We said wish, not that a new Wii U will magically appear!)

13. In Israel, planting or gifting an olive tree is said to bring on both success and good luck. Wearing olive leaves is also considered lucky. Drive out to Chatsworth in the San Fernando Valley and visit The Lassen Street Olive Trees. These 76 mature olive trees are a Los Angeles historic and cultural monument and were planted back in 1890. Walk down the cool, shady avenue of old olive groves with the family, where you can collect fallen leaves and weave together crowns of olive leaves for everyone. Then stop by a Bristol Farms or Whole Foods market and head to their bodacious olive bars. Every delicious olive you can imagine is right there for your tasting pleasure. Munch on some delicious olives and be sure to save the pits. A fun gardening project may be in your near future, to keep the luck alive for centuries to come.

What do you do for good luck?  We’d love to hear your tips for a fortune filled Friday the 13th!

—Elizabeth Kate

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