A 4th Of July Craft from Alexandra Hedin

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Lifestyle maven Alexandra Hedin brings us another awesome craft this week, just in time for your July 4th picnics:

Firework Tablecloth

You’ll need:
1 white tablecloth
1 large sponge (about 7”x 5”)
Blue and red fabric paint
2 pencils
X-acto knife
Sponge brush

Step 1: Cut sponge into a long skinny rectangle (about 7”x 3”)

Step 2: Cut remaining sponge into a triangle

Step 3: Draw a star on the eraser end of the pencil and cut out using the x-acto knife to create a star shape stamp

Step 4: Squeeze paint out onto cleanable surface

Step 5: Dip rectangle in dark blue fabric paint and stamp rectangle on tablecloth to create the rocket ‘base’

Step 6: Dip triangle in red fabric paint and stamp on top of the rectangle to create the rocket top

Step 7: Dip star eraser stamp in paint to create rocket ‘tail.’

Step 8: Set fabric paint according to package instructions.  Enjoy!