Discover SoCal’s Newest Gelato Lounge

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How do you make ice cream even better? How about a low-fat option that’s equally delicious that you can savor in a fun and kid-friendly space? That’s just what you’ll find at Los Angeles’ newest gelateria Bonaventura Gelato Lounge. Much like the name suggests, this truly is a place where kids can come and enjoy a scoop of their favorite Italian-inspired ice cream while mom takes advantage of the space’s “lounge” area to sit back and relax for a while. With such a kid-friendly approach, chances are Bonaventura Gelato Lounge might just replace your local ice cream parlor as your family’s top frozen treat.

At Bonaventura, the kids are the VIPs. They can order adorable sundaes that taste as good as they look: a caterpillar ($4.00), Pinocchio ($4.50), or a banana split ($4.50). Aside from dozens of adult-pleasing flavors (think dark chocolate, salted caramel, and coffee), there are a few permanent flavors that any kid will love: bubblegum, cotton candy, and cookies and cream are bound to be instant favorites.

If you don’t want a sundae, grab a delicious plate of spaghetti–that is, gelato that happens to look just like spaghetti ($5.50). Vanilla gelato is squeezed into skinny tubes and covered with homemade strawberry “spaghetti sauce” and topped off with white chocolate sprinkles. Looks just like the real thing!

Even more fun than their delicious offerings is their super cool Kids’ Corner. Complete with beanbag chairs, coloring books, and modeling clay, kids can sit and munch on their treats while you can enjoy your gelato in peace, pretending you’re sitting on a piazza in Rome. Ice cream and toys? This must be kiddie heaven! We bet you’ll have a tough time trying to pry your little ones away from this place.

Looking for a tasty Friday night spot? Go to Wahoo’s Fish Taco for a great, fresh dinner and then head next door to Bonaventura Gelato Lounge to wind down and indulge.

4700-4720 Lincoln Boulevard, Space # 4724
Marina Del Rey

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— Susie Foresman