Family Go Global: Muy Magnifico Vacays Abroad

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Dreaming of exotic vacations abroad filled with fabulous cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures where you can also bring your kiddos (yes, them)? We’ve found the ultimate cure for family wanderlust with Family Go Global. This LA company leads adventurous and educational family-friendly trips to Costa Rica and Spain—and new this summer is Cuba—as well as unforgettable local camping treks.

fgg_costa-rica-2015_zip-line-kidsphoto: Family Go Global

How Family Go Global Began
Founder Rebecca Bernard created Family Go Global to fill a void other travel and tour companies weren’t meeting: authentic family experiences abroad that are perfectly curated and totally kid-focused so mom and dad can actually stay sane and enjoy the vacation too—imagine that! Bernard’s background as Co-Founder of World City Center, a bilingual preschool in LA, also helped inspire her to start Family Go Global. She found that more and more families with littles in dual-language elementary programs were searching for opportunities to visit Spanish-speaking countries to help tykes practice and strengthen their language skills.

fgg_costa-rica_2013_cahuita-national-parkphoto: Family Go Global

Why These Vacays Are Better for Families
Bernard personally curates every trip Family Go Global offers, visiting all the places in advance and thinking thoughtfully about the details from start to finish. While all inclusive resorts can be awesome, they’re not the focus of a trip like this. This adventure is about meeting locals, having kids taste some unknown fruit at a local farmers market, join in on a pick-up game of soccer with kids playing in the park, discover a  private beach located somewhere down a stretch of national park. Of course, your family will see all of the ‘can’t miss’ things about a destination, but these trips really aim to strike a  balance. Kids are not interested in a full day of museum going, so those visits are broken up with running, playing, learning the language (in a fun way!) and really immersing your whole family in both the culture and the language or your destination.

fgg_spain-2016_san-jeronimo-2photo: Family Go Global

Where In the World?
Regarding their Costa Rica and Cuba vacations, Bernard says their adventures are more learning-on-the-road focused. “For these trips, our Spanish tutors and tour guides engage us all in eye-opening cultural experiences while weaving in the learning as we go. There is a good balance of group time and down time, allowing for sacred memory making with just your family unit alone.” This means visits to volcanos, rain forests, beaches, cities, and more.  It’s active, which kids love, but you also don’t have to spend months planning the itinerary and worrying about getting from place to place.  It’s all taken care of gor you.

In Spain, the experience is more like living abroad with your children for two weeks. Each family has their own flat, so you can even shop and cook and settle into local life. The tour is based in Granada, Andalusia, with short stays in Madrid and Malaga. The kids all attend summer camp daily from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. with other local children at the Spanish language partner facility, inLingua. Then after family time together to rest and explore, the evenings are all about local experiences like flamenco, a trip to the Moroccan tea house, or simply a late dinner and stroll through the center of the city, Euro-style.

Saving the Dinero

For families who’d like to save a little money, but still want a really unique experience, Bernard recommends Family Camp. “2017 will be our first Family Camp experience right here outside of Los Angeles. We are excited about bringing this ‘throw back’ sleepover camp experience to folks in the Southern California area. We are talking gaga pits, art cabins, camp fires and hootenannies!”

fgg_spain-2016_flamenco-cuevas-de-sacromontephoto: Family Go Global

You Won’t Need a Vacation From Vacation
On Family Go Global vacays, even parents get time to themselves—a rarity unless you bring along a nanny or shell out moolah for a local sitter. In both Costa Rica and Cuba there are break-out sessions where kids take part in activities and work on vocabulary and other educational lessons connected with what they are experiencing (so, at the volcano, they will learn how these work, what the Spanish word is for lava, etc.). In Spain, kids are in camp most days, so parents have the option of taking their own Spanish lessons at inLingua or they can just sip sangria on their patio. And on every trip there is at least one Parent’s Night Out, so you can indulge in the local nightlife “sin niños.”

fgg_spain-2016_paellaphoto: Family Go Global

The common thread between all of Family Go Global’s travel experiences is that they take care of all the heavy lifting for you—all of it! All families have to do is travel, play, and focus on having fun with their little ones.

Pro Tip: Family Go Global begins booking in October of the previous year through April. Because spaces are limited to 20-30 people per group, it is wise to book early!  Spanish speaking not required; kids and parents can learn at their own pace whether they’re just learning to count or speak fluently.

Prices vary, contact Family Go Global for details.

Family Go Global

We’d love to hear about your experiences traveling and learning abroad as a family! Give us the scoop in the comments section below!

–Jennifer O’Brien