Go Green: 5 Eco-Savvy Kids Boutiques in Los Angeles

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‘Going green’ as the saying goes, is becoming an easier endeavor than ever before. More and more companies are choosing to produce organic, sustainably crafted clothing, toys, feeding gear, furniture, and decor — and our kids, as well as future generations and the earth as a whole will all benefit as the tide turns in favor of eco-friendly living. Here are five eco-savvy shops that are filled with great green gear for babies and kids!

Entertaining Elephants
On the scene long before being green went mainstream, Entertaining Elephants is a charming lifestyle boutique for little ones, which also has a casual and cool children’s clothing line, Elephantwear. The beautifully hued cotton knit collection is embellished with a tiny embroidered elephant to set it apart; and is designed for active, playful kids. The sweet duds are interspersed with toys (think raw building blocks that look like tiny tree trunks) and decorative items with a worldly flair. Recycled, vintage, natural, and sustainably crafted goods fill the shelves at this gem in Studio City. And many different cultures unite in the wares offered throughout the eclectic boutique whose “ethics and aesthetics are perfectly in sync.”

The Little Seed
Everyone’s favorite child star turned eco entrepreneur, Punky Brewster a.k.a. Soleil Moon Frye, co-founded an idyllic patch of green in LA’s The Little Seed boutique on Larchmont Boulevard. Since 2008, this chic haven has been a one-stop shop for eco-conscious wares for babies, kids, and parents, as well as chic decor, green toys, games, crafts, clothing, blankets, furniture, and more. All items are thoughtfully selected to uphold The Little Seed’s high standard of preserving the earth and protecting children from harmful toxins. Beloved eco brands like Green Toys are intermingled with lesser known gems such as Cate and Levi. In 2010, The Little Seed also launched its private label of vibrant, solid colored organic clothing for babies and tots, all of which is made in the USA. Bonus: Tots will be entertained in the store’s play area while parents shop.

Green Cradle
We spend nearly half our lives in slumber, and while the term “sleep like a baby” may baffle some parents of colicky newborns, there’s no doubt that a child’s nursery should be outfitted with a non-toxic crib and mattress to ensure safe snoozing. Green Cradle offers organic cribs, organic bedding and blankets, as well as organic mattresses and sustainably crafted wooden cribs to help you design a cozy green haven for your little sprout. These heirloom quality pieces may even be handed down to the next generation.

Visionary Boutique
The owner at Visionary describes her boutique as having an ‘eco-chic flair.’ Magda Rod launched her lifestyle brand ‘Visionary’ after the birth of her daughter, with the hopes of creating a green future. Her eco-fashion label includes organic cotton clothing for babies, kids, and women, and she hopes that visitors to her shop will partake in conscious consumerism that doesn’t harm the planet. Every item at Visionary is either locally crafted, recycled, organic, nature inspired, or meets a high ethical standard for preserving the planet and its creatures. For every item sold, Visionary plants one tree via a partnership with Trees for the Future. Thus far, thousands of trees have been planted in Kenya on behalf of Visionary shoppers. *Note: store is open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays only.

Sparrow offers a hip and gorgeous selection of green clothing, toys, shoes, bedding, decor, furniture, and more. All wares are hand selected by staff with a keen eye for style. Criteria including the designer or company’s business practices, whether or not materials are vintage or recycled, and standards such as fair trade or organic farming are all taken into consideration when wares are brought into the store to be sold. From vintage side chairs and handcut silhouettes that would look dynamite in a kid’s room to pillowcase dresses and upcycled appliqued shirts for boys, Sparrow is sure to please even the greenest shopper. *Noteworthy announcement: As of September 2011, Sparrow will close its physical store in LA and will sell their goods exclusively online — making this company even greener!

Written by: Beth Shea