Have Your Cake and Eat Cupcakes Too at Cookie Casa Bakery

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We all love a good specialty shop.  This one with their frosting inversions, that one with their birthday-cake-on-a-stick, but whatever happened to ye old-fashioned bakeries?  Where you could have your cake and eat cupcakes too?  Behold, Cookie Casa Bakery.


They just opened their doors! So why so familiar?


Chalk it up to our good taste.  Their goodies have been gracing gourmet countertops since the time when we were less mom, more Avril Lavigne (thanks kids, btw).  No rookie with the cookie, owner Erin Zabel got cookin’ in 2002, and has stealthily been on the baking ascent ever since.  Maybe we bit into her brownies while bronzing at Bliss Spa at The W.  Or maybe it was on that sojourn to The Conservatory in search of Culver’s little café that could.  On-line or in exclusive cafes, Erin’s been working her way into our sugar craving souls, one aptly named crack bar at a time.


It’s a common affliction.  We end up at Target.  We don’t know why.

Here’s a clue.  Because one hundred and something dollars later, it’s that space filler between when you drop off the kids and when everywhere you need to be actually opens.  But check this.  Cookie Casa Bakery opens at 9:00 am.  Welcome back, civilized morning.  Chocolate chip coffee cake with pecans.  Banana bran or lemon ginger scones.  We’re not saying you have to have the white chocolate blondie for breakfast.  We’re also not saying you shouldn’t.


From on-line to on gourmet shelves to a home all their own . . .


With a staff as warm as those molasses sandwich cookies coming out of the oven, it’s hard to believe they’re the new kid on the block.  With a familial graciousness and beaming pride in product, right away the staff makes you feel right at home.  No more questions as to where to take your cookie monster. This Casa is for cookies, and that’s good enough for us.


Cookie Casa Bakery
8116 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, Ca 90048
Online: cookiecasa.com

Where do you get your cookie carving sated?  We’re always on the lookout new for yummy treats!

–Jolie Loeb (she took the photos too!)