Just Opened: Art + Science Cafe

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It’s actually been a winter where you don’t need to crank the AC to crave a hot drink! Perfect timing for a brand new spot, Art + Science Cafe, which just opened in Pasadena and is serving up a delicious array of hot chocolate and coffee. Bring the family out to this cozy place in the Playhouse District and everyone is bound to discover their own perfect wintery warm treat.

artandscience_sipphoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

A Cocoa for Everyone
Art + Science Cafe has honed their hot chocolate game down to a science (and makes creations that are works of art: truth in advertising!). Fresh chocolate is finely ground and combined with an array of flavors to create a whole host of heavenly drinks. Everyone is sure to find something to their liking. The cafe’s most popular hot chocolate is the Mexicocoa, which is a sweet blend of chocolate and delicate cinnamon flavors. If your cocoa connoisseur is a purist, they will be happy with the French Silk—a combination of Belgian and Swiss cocoas. If you want to get adventurous, give the Salted Caramel a try. There is even a Hot White Chocolate for the littlest ones who find chocolate too bitter and want a sweet, vanilla laden treat.

artandscience_lattephoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

But, Mama Needs Caffeine!
If hot chocolate is not your thing, Art + Science has got you covered from with basics like a strong cup of black coffee or espresso. Keep it simple if you must, but the creative lattes here offer the perfect opportunity to try something new. If you want subtle, try the Matcha Latte, which has green tea notes and just enough sweetness. Otherwise, there are floral touches like a lavender or rose latte that will liven your senses while giving you that much needed buzz. If you’re in dire need of a pick-me-up the “Military Latte” is where it’s at. This beauty is a matcha latte, topped off with two shots of espresso and beautiful latte art (see above).

artandscience_menuphoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

A Bite, Sweet or Salty
While Art + Science doesn’t have a full kitchen, they are making the most of their small space to provide tasty snacks. The now obligatory avocado toast is on the menu and it hits the spot. If you need something a little more filling, the Italian Club is the way to go, and it comes with a story. Years ago in the cafe’s Chicago location an “Italian Grandma” walked into the cafe and showed the staff how a sub is made. Luckily, they took notes, because the sandwich was a hit and now the edible legend has made its way to Pasadena. Of course if it’s a sweet treat you need to couple with your drinks, the cafe also has croissants, muffins and other go-to pastries.

artandscience_patiophoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

Inside and Out
The space at Art + Science Cafe is limited but welcoming. Thankfully, the charming cafe also has an outdoor patio, which is open year-round, though you may want to hang inside on the chillier days. But it’s good to know you have an option to escape outdoors if your sugared-up tots get wild.

vromansphoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

In the Neighborhood
While we think hot chocolate and coffee is a perfectly good excuse to leave the house, you and your explorers may need more motivation. Luckily Art + Science Cafe is in the Playhouse District and there are plenty of options for entertainment. Just around the corner is the Pasadena Playhouse, which has a year round schedule that includes family friendly options. Check their website for the schedule. Just up the road on Colorado Boulevard is Vroman’s Bookstore. This is one of the great indie bookstores in the LA area and it just never gets old. The children’s section is extensive and complete with a train table and toys. They also host amazing meet & greets with authors of kids books.  Check their website to see who’s appearing this month.

artandsciencepigphoto: Cy Smith

Art + Science Cafe
119 S. Madison Ave.
Online: facebook.com/Artandsciencecafe

What’s your favorite place to warm up with coffee, cocoa and snacks this winter? Let us know in the comment section!

—LeTania Kirkland Smith