Just Opened: Beautiful Baby Bea’s Bakeshop

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Just when you thought you’d seen everything that could be made from flour and frosting, Baby Bea’s Bakeshop broke ground in Beverly Hills in January. With desserts from stunning to silly, Hello Kitty to Wild Thing, custom cake behemoths to bite size nibbles, these fondant frosted fairytale creations will capture your little one’s imagination while delighting their taste buds.


Where Fashion Meets Frosting
It may have begun with a Hello Kitty fixation (one which Miss Beatrice, the Bea of Baby Bea, never fully outgrew), but along the way to perfecting her Kitty shaped cupcakes, Miss Beatrice picked up a knack for fashioning frosting atop an outrageously artful cookie, cupcake, cake pop, or multi-layered cake.  Baby Bea’s proves what you’ve secretly always known to be true: everything is more magical with frosting on top.RTBBSydgoingin

Does This Cake Pop Come in an Ombre?
She may not have been the first to put cake on a stick, but get a load of these options. The Peppa Pig Cake Pops are giggle getters, the rainbow sprinkle cake pops resemble every technicolor temptation known to kid-kind, and the ombre ruffle cake pops (swoon inducing in teal and pink), look like some hybrid of Vogue meets vanilla. Not just delicate and girly, there are boy bait versions, too: Star Wars cake pops delight young Jedis, and should your young Tim Burton like their dessert with a side of squeamish, check out what Miss Bea’s done with the Eyeball Cake Pop, or the Ugly Monster variety.RTBBcakepopdetail

When A Cupcake Can Make You Cry
You know how tears can well up when you look at a work of art?  These mini to maxi treats  inspire the same awe. And there’s something for everyone and every occasion.  For that shower you have to throw, Miss Bea can go modern with a monogram.  For your kiddos, it’s more Max themed with the Where The Wild Things, or many shades of muted turquoise in her fantastical (you knew it was coming) Frozen line. Hippos to Hello Kitty, her cupcakes are a thing of edible beauty. And how they taste, well, that’s a different level of happiness entirely. Make no mistake, Baby Bea can bake.

Cultivate Good Taste with Things that Taste Good
This isn’t the bakery counter at your local market (no disrespect intended, sometimes you need a quick and inexpensive sheet cake). Hand baked, exquisitely frosted, and packaged as whatever pleases you most, each item is a work of edible art. No occasion on the horizon? No worries. Pre-made goodies are always available in store. So that you can make an occasion out of say, Monday.RTBBvegancloseup

L’Petite Treat
Because you don’t want to OD on the sugar, her cupcakes and the majority of her baked goods are appropriately sized for kid-kind. Just a few bites each, and that’s all it takes to get hooked.  But when you’re in the mood for something grander…

Custom Cakes Are Calling
You gotta lay eyes on these beauts: quick before the kids commandeer the process. Quite literal works of art, they’re not the most frugal find, but when you’re looking to make a statement, look no further.  The design is not the only customizable feature, either. Vegan cakes? Check. Vegan frosting? Gluten free? Check and check. For families with dietary concerns, come to the place where baked beauty does not discriminate. Just the way you want it to look, adhering to just the dietary restrictions you feared would make finding the perfect cake impossible.


But The Real Question Is…
Baby Bea does do birthday parties at her house (shop) not yours, beginning in February. Filling a birthday party niche, here finally is a place to decorate their cupcake and eat it too. All inclusive cookie or cupcake decorating for a petite party of 8 kids or under is waiting for you to just book it. In a dedicated, sun lit space, the room’s all ready and everything’s handled, call for prices and details.RTBBAnniesneakingataste

The New Bakery on the Block
Robertson may have already been ripe with fun family friendly finds (like the beloved Joey’s Gym), but a new beaut of a bakery puts the cherry on top of anything, most especially this bustling boulevard. The smashing window dressings are more Manhattan than mid-way to the 10: they stop strollers in their tracks. Yet like the baked goods, the store’s trappings are visual candy, but the taste is the real treat.

Baby Bea’s Bakeshop
311 South Robertson Boulevard
Beverly Hills, Ca 90211
Phone: 424-249-3362
Online: babybeasbakeshop.com

Have you been to Baby Bea’s?  Which sweet treat is your favorite indulgence?

-written and photographed by Jolie Loeb