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It’s such a great time to live in LA, where the restaurant business might just be the most vibrant and growing in the country. Except when those eateries serve food that your kids won’t touch for another 5-10 years.  Forget being sentenced to blah nuggets, The Chicken or the Egg has hatched in the Silicon Beach district, with a breakfast meets lunch menu that rocks around the clock, and kid component that is equally alluring. Now anytime of day you can get your farm-to-table version of a McMuffin that everyone will devour.

photo: Trevor B. via Yelp

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They’re Bringing Brunching Back
This spot that just opened in September is from a Mendocino Farms alum, and is all about finding the perfect middle ground for the parents who love brunch and their children who can’t sit through one. The atmosphere matches the food: modern & appealing yet totally accessible and completely comfortable.  Pull up a couch, a darling little burlap ottoman or a barstool and get serious about sampling.

photo: Michael B. via Yelp

Counter Culture
Order at the counter, knowing your meal is getting prepped as you plunk down at a table.  These minimal waits are ever so conducive to the oft impatient temperaments that come free with the toddler crowd.

photo: Trevor B. via Yelp

Egging Us On
The name of the restaurant gives you an idea of the name of the game. Every variation on a chicken and an egg (and there’s an ample spread of them) can be sandwiched between whole wheat, an English muffin or brioche, wrapped up in a tortilla or served atop some quinoa. If your young eater likes things a bit simpler (and not touching with no green specks, please), the Little Chicks option is the way to go.  It comes with two organic free range chicken tenders, grapes, apple juice, and the choice of tater tots or waffle fries.  Tater tots for tots, grain bowls for us.  In restaurant math this equals full family happiness.


Still Stumped?
It’s nice to sip that second cup of coffee when the kids aren’t in any rush to get out of there.  That’s why it’s exceptionally great to have Stumptown in your mug, because when you get the opportunity to relax with a refill, really, you want the good stuff. Ahem, your choice of the good stuff, because it comes in all the usual suspects, plus as a chocolate cold brew, nitro cold brew, and for those who prefer leaves to beans, there’s a nitro chai tea, too.


For Those That Don’t Need Nitro Caffeination
Kids take no backseat in the beverages department.  There’s a full milk bar—almond to soy—and they will delight in the self serve station lets them fill their cups with strawberry lemonade, sparkling water, or a combination of the two, if they’re feeling adventurous.


No Reason To Rush
The menu keeps all day, so if it’s a morning nap you’re negotiating, or a preschooler preempts your morning plans by taking their sweet time tying those shoes, there’s no danger of missing brunch.

With a locally sourced menu of premium ingredients, prepared in a way that promotes nostalgia in parents (there’s the most upscale & organic McMuffin knockoff and a bucket of chicken that puts the Colonel to shame) and is familiar and not-scary for kids, The Chicken or the Egg is a great gateway for good dining adventures in the future. Today they order the chicken nuggets or bacon and eggs, but nibble your kale salad, maple Brussels sprouts and avocado salmon toast.  Tomorrow they’ll order their own.  (See below!)


Parking Over Easy
Street parking’s fairly ample, but if you’re not finding anything, they’ll validate for 90 minutes in the accompanying lot.

The Chicken or the Egg
12150 Millennium Dr.
Playa Vista
Online: www.chxegg.com

What’s your favorite chill place that lets you and your kids hang out, relax and eat food you all like?

—written and photographed by Jolie Loeb


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