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ICDC just opened in late April on Beverly Blvd, and as the name implies, they’ve got 3 of the 4 food groups covered (ice cream, donuts and coffee—the 4th food group being sushi, and that just doesn’t fit with the others).  Run, don’t walk to this new location and praise the day that someone had the brilliant idea to put the faves your whole family craves under one roof.


photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

Everything served here is fresh and as good for you as ice cream and donuts are going to be. Nothing artificial, no chemicals, everything is made in house, from the ice cream (which they pasteurize themselves) to the donuts (which are made right behind the counter). Mariah Swan, the pastry chef at BLD (the restaurant next door) is the brains and imagination behind the donut and ice cream flavors. She makes sure to use fresh farmer’s market ingredients, and she changes the ingredients accordingly (using what’s locally in season). You won’t find any bizarre savory flavors here (a fact which makes your kids cheer) or savory treats. It’s all dessert, all the time.  Again, do they know your kids, or what?

While you’re drooling over the coffee menu, your kids can taste as many ice cream flavors as they like, all on adorable miniature metal spoons (fun and environmentally friendly). There are many options mini taste testers will love, from dulce de leche to malted milk chocolate and classic vanilla bean. For those who need non-dairy, there’s Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet (made with the locally lionized Harry’s Berries) or an extremely scrumptious (and kid-approved) TCHO chocolate sorbet that’s so decadent, you’ll never miss the milk.


photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

The scoops are generous, so kids may have trouble getting through one on their own (you’ll be delighted to help out), and the made-from-scratch crunch of those cones is undeniably delicious. You can order half scoops too, so you can have two flavors without having to find room for two regular-sized portions. Perfect for kids who want a little vanilla to balance out the chocolate.



photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

Caffeine Please
Too bleary-eyed from parental lack of sleep to decide on an ice cream flavor? Not to worry. Perk up those peepers with a cup of joe; the smooth, rich, totally-solves-all-problems kind of coffee is served here. They use Vittoria, which is an Australian brand with a 3rd generation Italian lineage. You’ll be in sipping heaven. Plus, you can froth your java with a variety of milks, from the traditional cow kind to the vegan-friendly almond or soy versions.

Designer Donuts
Want something to dunk in that coffee? You’re spoiled with choices of high-caliber donuts whose quality matches that of the coffee you’re quaffing. With flavors like Curried Sugar, Mayan Chocolate, and Grapefruit Campari, the gourmet aspect mitigates the guilt no matter what you choose. Kids will love the Peanut Butter and Banana filled donuts, as well as the Butterscotch filled or the Rocky Road (which boasts home-made marshmallows on top…yum!).

ICDC yelp donut close up

photo credit: Michael U. via yelp

Watching your wheat? Try the gluten free Buttermilk Brown Butter or Salt & Pepper Caramel and you’ll feel totally satisfied (no dietary restricted disappointments here). If you’re in the mood for something smaller, grab a bag of mini donut holes for $3. Little ones will love popping these churro-inspired yummies into their mouths, and you will love that they’re tasty enough to deliver flavor, but small enough to count as “just a bite.” Donuts are made every few hours, but if your littles are hankering to watch a batch be made before their eyes, you can ask for your flavor to be made-to-order, right then and there. It doesn’t get fresher (or more fun) than that.


photo credit:Mary O. via yelp

All in One
Can’t decide between ice cream, coffee or donuts? This is where the beauty of the name comes into play.  You can get them all, and all at once.  Order the signature ICDC, a salted caramel doughnut topped with vanilla ice cream and poured over with a shot of espresso. It’s definitely the Pick Me Ups of pick-me-ups.

ICDC may be small batch and artisanal, but they’re definitely kid-friendly, too, and they strive to keep a child-like sensibility in all that they do. The décor reflects that, with warm pinks, yellow and blues, and fun hats for the employees (ice cream or donut embellished).


photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

There is no parking lot, but street parking off Beverly is easy to find during the day, or you can nab a meter out in front. (Street parking in the evening here is a whole different matter, so it’s lucky that you’ve got kids and are coming early…) If all else fails, park in the lot at nearby Pan Pacific Park, then head back to the park for playtime after you get your caffeine and sugar fix.  There is no specific seating for ICDC, but you’re welcome to use the chairs at next-store BLD, if available.

7454 ½ Beverly Blvd.
Online: facebook.com/pages/icdcbeverly/466126693419864?fref=ts&rf=1009046289259140

Tell us what you think of this one-stop shop for all things tasty! Is the ice cream-donut combo your new favorite summer treat, or do you prefer the cool ice cream taco, or the amazing ice cream churro?

—Elena Wurlitzer

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