Diaper Duty Made Easy (and Green)

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It’s not every day that someone offers to do your dirty work; but one LA company wants to help take the ‘dooty’ out of diaper duty.

Luludew is a cloth diaper and laundering service with an environmentally conscious focus. Founder and mom of two, Sandy Barajas, offers: “Our company is eco-friendly in all business practices. We print materials on recycled paper, launder with biodegradable soap, deliver diapers in energy efficient vehicles, and package our 100% organic cotton diapers in re-usable cloth bags.” And while other cloth diapering services simply toss soiled diapers into a mixed-batch to be laundered and re-delivered at random, Luludew will reserve 160 organic cotton diapers to be used exclusively by your babe alone.

Luludew delivers organic, easy to use, cloth diapers to your doorstep on a weekly basis; and they estimate that at $21.45 per week or $29.95 for twins, using Luludew will cost you less than what you pay for disposable diapers. Their service includes a diaper pail, three diaper pail liners, a fresh deodorizing disc for the diaper pail on a monthly basis, and 80 clean cloth diapers weekly. On your designated pick up day, you simply place your soiled diapers on your doorstep and Luludew will exchange them for clean ones.

Photo courtesy of Infiniti Foto

Opting for reusable cloth diapers spares overflowing landfills from the nearly 6,000 diapers that one baby uses during his first two years of life! And while earth-friendly disposable diaper options are being added to the market, the vast majority of disposables take nearly 500 years to decompose. Not to mention, disposable diapers are expensive in the big picture — a kiddo can ring up $2,300 in diaper bills before they’re potty trained! 

On the fence about using reusable cloth diapers instead of disposables? Learn more via Luludew’s at-home demo. Call 323-225-5858 to book an appointment one month before your due date, and a Luludew representative will visit your home to discuss their services and get you set-up with what you need to diaper your baby.

Luludew delivers cloth diapers to all of Los Angeles and surrounding cities: north to the Foothills, east to the 605, south to San Pedro, and west to the 405. There is also a one-time set-up fee of $22.95.

Online: luludew.com
Phone: 323-225-5858

Cloth versus disposable diapers. What’s your poison?

— Beth Shea

Photos courtesy of Luludew’s Facebook Page