Paint Outside the Box: An Under the Radar Malibu Art Studio

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How many times have you toted your kid to some caged-in kinder-closet filled with bad music and even worse lighting, while you’re furiously bouncing your knee, just aching to make a break for it? Been there, vowed never to go back. And so we turn to Malibu.  Heaven hath delivered. Grab a paintbrush.

Atop the Malibu Lumber Yard, in that idyllic intersect where sand meets shopping, a party of paint awaits. With an unparalleled retail sprawl below, Malibu Art Barn is Peter Tulaney’s under-the-radar dark horse of play, paint, and self-expression by the beach.  Something addictive is happening here. But in lieu of a bounce-happy knee, you’ll walk out with a handmade, hand crafted work of art. That’s 90265, always getting it right. When it’s not annoying, it’s just so awesome.

There’s an Art Barn in The Malibu Lumber Yard? 
We know. Tearing yourself away from the place where James Perse came to lounge forever is a feat unto itself (teach us). By the time you make it over to The Lumber Yard, the kids might be clamoring for something a tad more tot-centric. Up the stairs. Their Xanadu is waiting.

Is this Color Me Mine?
Kinda, but better, and brace yourself, cheaper. Check it. The Malibu Art barn is a second story haven of free artistic expression and limitless creativity. Got yourself a kid who doesn’t believe in painting inside the lines? Good for you–settle in. They choose between a variety of blank canvases, ceramics, or wooden pieces. Then they’re handed their choice of paint colors. The rest is art history.

So what’s this about Me?
Art knows no ageism. Once you see your little Picasso go to it, you’ll want to grab a canvas and do the same. It’s oddly irresistible. And why shouldn’t you? It’s cheaper than therapy, undeniably serene, and you leave with a parting gift.

Great! Where do I sign?
This is Malibu! No signing, just breeze in when the wind blows you! Actually there are scheduled workshops, but unless you’re a local, go for Open Studio time. The studio, paints, brushes, and glazes are free, all you pay for are the materials you take home that day.

Can we talk about me again?
Absolutely. Here’s the thing. For workshops, you’re outta there. The Country Mart and Lumber Yard are yours to peruse, come on back when class is over. But for Open Studio, it’s required that you hang. And once your kid starts getting her Cezanne on, trust us, you won’t be able to resist. Canvas’s start at $16. We’ve paid more for a round of froyo.

Cut to the finish where your mini-Matisse is all done, and she or he is invited to paint the walls. That’s right. The fulfillment of a dream – and it’s priced in. Bring their John Hancock to the signing wall and their legacy is Malibu embedded. All this while their art is being machine dried and you’re contemplating a hot cocoa after party downstairs at Chocolate Box Cafe.

Ah, Malibu.  Let us paint the ways.

Malibu Art Barn
3939 Cross Creek Road
Suite D-210
Malibu, Ca 90265

Tell us your favorite things about Malibu Art Barn! 

— Jolie Loeb (Thanks for the photos, Jolie!)