Mommyhood Adventures in Los Angeles with Jennifer Brandt

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Jennifer Brandt, one of the Los Angeles’ Top Mom Bloggers, and the managing editor of Momversation, ParentAsks and Goodbite,  tells her mommy hood adventures on her blog Perfectly Disheveled . Jenny tells us her favorite family venues and mommyhood tips in 5 quick questions.

RT: What’s your favorite “escape hatch”—a way to put in some “me” time to recharge?
JB: It sounds cliche, but finding or creating “me time” is almost impossible. I wish I could say that I recharge daily with yoga or meditation, but I’m just not living “that dream”… yet. So for now, I have to look for it and feel it in moments which are not entirely uninterrupted and/or all about me. For example,  I’m a weekly manicure girl all the way. It’s my “splurge.” However, because it’s usually the first time I’m sitting still for more than 20 minutes, i usually use it as a time to catch up on emails (between wet nails or cuticle cutting); or I make phone calls and catch up with girlfriends. (Yep, I’m that annoying girl at the nail place. BUT to my defense, most of the other customers are quite old and I’m certain can’t even hear me). Occasionally I splurge on a 7 minute back massage– Then I’m happy to tune everyone out. It’s my 7 minutes in heaven. Ha!

RT: What places must all new moms know about?
JB: During the first few weeks and months of my son’s life, I probably went to the Pump Station in Santa Monica at least 3 dozen times. From private lactation consultations, to breastfeeding support groups, to a sling clinic (oh, yes. this was life changing. I bought a $90 cotton sling wrap that saved my life), the Pump Station is a mecca for new moms in need of information.  There are playgroups and mommy and me classes throughout southern california; I went to Baby’s First Class taught by Jackie Rosenberg. I loved it and am still friends with the other moms I met in class (as is my son with their children- 3 years later!) I also loved taking long walks at parks like Balboa Park. Babies love ducks, and moms love a long walk!

RT:  Where do you shop for your kids clothes?
JB: I think the majority of my son’s clothes have come from Old Navy, Baby Gap and Target. However, my stepmom always finds him the most darling outfits from Gymboree. When he was a newborn, he was given a lot of fantastic sleepers from Nordstrom as well.

RT:  What are a few of your favorite parks & places to visit with kids and around town?
JB: As mentioned above, I loved Balboa Park because of the lake. If you can get access, the lake in Calabasas is also fantastic too. On the Westside, the Annenberg Community Beach House in the summer is absolutely awesome. We’re also big fans of Coldwater Canyon Park– the rock creek is so fun for the kids to splash in when it’s warm. Of course, we can never get enough of the Los Angeles Zoo and Travel Town.  Oh, and the trolley at the Grove- Well, that’s ALWAYS a hit! Just don’t get there after 4pm. It stops running. (Hello, meltdown city!).

RT: Where do you like to catch a bite with the little one in tow?
JB: One word: Islands. My son LOVES Islands and frankly, so do I. Sadly the Beverly Hills branch closed. (Thank god the Pico one is close by!) I recently took him to Benihana which was fun for him. He loves shrimp fried rice. Who knew?!

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