It’s Time for You Time at the New XO: Cross Over Fitness

Even if you know how important it is to take “you” time, your busy schedule (and selfless mama brain) says no way. So classes at the new XO Fitness in Sherman Oaks are just what you need: it’s amazing for your body and brain and simultaneously benefits your family, because not only will you increase your overall fitness, but also your endurance, posture and attitude. You’ll come back from a class so happy and energized, your family will beg you to go back!

So Zen, So Pretty, So Clean
You walk in and it’s gorgeous. Clean, minimal, looks like the design of a hip new restaurant. Relaxing. Well, take a deep breath and enjoy a zen moment, because that’s about to change. For the next 50 minutes, you’re going to have your butt kicked, in the best possible way.

Meet Sara Lewis, Your New Inspiration (and Friend!)
Founder/Creator Sara Lewis started out as an athletic yet uncoordinated and unfitness-y kind of gal. So you can relate to her, and she can relate to you. After struggling to find a class that would address cardio needs while also making sure to strength train the core, upper and lower body, she came up empty. After trying everything: Pilates, barre, bootcamp, Cross-Fit, yoga, boxing, rowing, dance and ballet, she realized that class didn’t exist. So she’d better invent it.

One Class To Rule Them All
This is why we love her. She gets that busy moms need everything all at once. We can’t take 8 different classes a week. And we’re used to multi-tasking. We bore easily. So she opened her first studio with this in mind, and has now expanded with an even larger new place, XO: Cross Over Fitness. The format here includes boxing and cardio, reformers, springboards, weights, rowers and heavy bags. It’s the ultimate, full body experience. One 50-minute class to rule them all.

Let It Be Hard
Sarah is currently pregnant with her second child, and can help you adjust your workout for wherever your body is in motherhood: pregnant, post-natal, or even “Oh my god, the kids are getting older and I haven’t been in a gym in years.” But don’t think she’ll take it easy on you. She says, “My philosophy is: Let it be hard; it already is. Let’s not deny that what we are doing is tough, but instead, let’s embrace that this is hard and we are stronger and better for it.”

And you will be. Stronger and better.

Three Strikes, You’re In!
There are three good reasons why it’s easy to avoid the gym. And XO Fitness knocks out all of them.

One: Gyms and classes are dirty, with all those sweaty bodies sharing equipment. Nope, this place is the cleanest we’ve seen. Spotless. Cleaned thoroughly between classes, there are new boxing gloves and wipes readily available for you to use.

Two: It’s too hard figure out the equipment or moves. Not the case here. Yes, there’s a learning curve. The first class you figure out what to do (and when you want to do it—we always want to end with the boxing at Station A, FYI). But by the third class, you got it. And the unbelievably nice and helpful instructors will give you pointers if you’re confused.

Three: No time for classes. Well, this takes less than 50 minutes, and frankly the mix of pilates, abs, and core strengthening will help your posture, bone density and other pains (like back) that you’ve been picking up as you pick up baby. So, really, you’re saving time now and in the future…

No excuses left.

5 Quick LA Mama Fit Tips From Sara:

  1. Here’s an easy change everyone can make that will change your life. One of the best pieces of advice I received when I was first getting certified in Pilates was while sitting at desk laptop, keep elbow to your ribs.  I had never realized I was slouching so much at my computer—the place I was sitting 2-3 hours a day!
  2. A (Realistic) Key to Daily Sanity in 12 Minutes:  Do 1 minute plank in the morning, give yourself 10 minutes of alone time midday (sitting in your car/at your desk/while you’re nursing/napping your baby etc.) to close you eyes and just breathe, and 1 minute plank in the evening.  It will change your life.
  3. My favorite place to exercise outdoors is hiking Runyon Canyon. They just renovated it and you can bring kids and dogs.
  4. If you’re pregnant, you can and should continue your fitness routine, what you have been doing leading up to your pregnancy, as long as you have the OK from your Doctor.  Try not to be intimidated by rules.  Listen to your body, YOU know it best!
  5. My favorite post workout snack in LA is the Acai bowls at Juice Crafters.  The day I went into labor, I was eating 2 of them a day.

Classes are offered daily, and you can find a time that fits your schedule from 6 a.m.-9 p.m.  You can pay for a single class at a time ($25) or buy class packs to save money.  Your first month is only $95 for unlimited classes.

And finally, here’s why you have zero excuse not to go; the first class is free. So, go do something for you. We’re giving you permission. In fact, consider it mamma’s orders.

XO: Cross Over Fitness
13950 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks

What’s your favorite get and stay fit tips?  Share them in the comment section!

—Meghan Rose, photos by Meghan Rose and XO: Crossover Fitness


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