Now Open: The Fresh Shave in Long Beach

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With SoCal weather beginning to heat up (we loved you rain, but yay sunshine!), it’s time to check out the newest shave ice import all the way from Kauai, The Fresh Shave in Long Beach. Having just opened in February 2017, The Fresh Shave has quickly become one of the coolest shops around for families craving an icy treat that’s not only to-die-for delish, but healthy too.

photo: FotoPop Kauai

A Little History
The Fresh Shave concept began with two Kauai parents and their shave-ice- loving keiki who envisioned a healthier alternative to Hawaii’s most famous treat. From the start, the priority was to create homemade syrups using real ingredients. Buh-bye high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring, hello organic produce. In 2016, after falling in love with the best shave ice they’d ever had, Priscilla and Daniel Soule (above, with their kids) purchased the business from the original owners and began planning for the future.

Less than a year after taking the helm at The Fresh Shave, Priscilla and Daniel were approached about joining Steelcraft—an outdoor urban eatery concept in Long Beach’s Bixby Hills neighborhood. (Steelcraft is built out of re-purposed shipping containers, like The Shops at Adams Gateway in LA; a building trend we can really get behind!) Inspired by Steelcraft’s vision of building community and celebrating craft foods, it didn’t take long for the couple decide this was the place to build the first Fresh Shave on the mainland.

photo: The Fresh Shave

A Treat Parents Can Feel Good About
The Fresh Shave grounds itself in three values: aloha, aina, and ohana. Aloha means love, and aina means land. The Fresh Shave they believe the way food is lovingly prepared is just as important as how it is grown. Syrups are prepared in small batches free of artificial additives, preservatives, and colors, and the fruit they use for toppings is cut fresh every single morning. They only use organic produce and try to source locally whenever possible, to teach even their youngest customers about the origin of their food.

And finally ohana, which is Hawaiian for “family.” The Fresh Shave hopes to bring families and the community together,  whether it’s sharing an afterschool treat, serving as a post-game gathering spot for kids’ sports teams or is just a sweet stop on a family’s weekend bike ride.

photo: FotoPop Kauai

So Many Flavors to Savor
The Fresh Shave features a wide variety of scrumptious flavors on its mustache-themed menu, among them being the Fu Manchu—handcrafted strawberry syrup, topped with strawberry puree and fresh cut bananas, then drizzled in sweet cream. Keiki also go ga-ga for the Caterpillar—handcrafted orange syrup topped with fresh oranges and drizzled in sweet cream.

Owners Priscilla and Daniel’s personal picks are The Chevron (you put the lime in the coconut!) where coconut and lime syrup are topped with coconut chia seed cream and lime slice.  Our pick to perk up parents is off the secret menu: The Dirt McGirt, featuring cold brew coffee syrup (made in house from Kauai coffee) layered with Ghirardelli chocolate cream, coconut cream, and topped with organic Oreo crumbles.

photo: FotoPop Kauai

Mustache Mania
The Fresh Shave includes silly mustache stickers on all its straws, so when you’re done digging in and draining the last dregs with your straw, you end the experience with a good giggle.  Because besides the fact that the idea behind this sweet is to inspire little ones to think about the impact of their food choices on their bodies and the future of the planet, the real purpose of a treat is to leave you happy and wanting more.  Happily for parents, The Fresh Shave succeeds stupendously on both fronts.

The Fresh Shave is currently exploring plans to open a second mainland location in the SoCal region sometime during 2017. Stay tuned!

The Fresh Shave
3768 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach

Has this Hawaiian treat surfed into your family’s hearts?  Where so you go for your shave ice treat?

–Jennifer O’Brien