PB & Yay! 9 Ways to Celebrate Peanut Butter Month in LA

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It’s National Peanut Butter Month. Which means now’s the time for peanut-loving families to say “No” to sunflower seed butter sandwiches and soy butter-topped celery sticks and “Yes, yes, yes!” to the sticky nutty goodness that started it all. From PB&J donuts to burgers dripping with the stuff, here are 9 yummy dishes you can find in LA in honor of that delicious little nut.

pbj-donutphoto: Melissa Heckscher

PB&J Donuts at Blue Star Donuts
If you and your kiddos have peanut-butter cravings first thing in the morning, head to Blue Star Donuts to chow down on these gorgeous little pillows of peanut-dusted dough stuffed with jelly. Blue Star donuts are moist, always fresh, and worth the inevitable line you’ll face when you get there. Blue Star prides itself in making “donuts for grown-ups,” which means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single rainbow sprinkle anywhere on the menu; instead, flavors are exotic and unexpected, with names like Blueberry Bourbon Basil, Raspberry Rosemary Buttermilk, and Cointreau Creme Brulee. Really, their PB&J donut is about as basic as you’ll get (though there’s a Valrhona chocolate crunch donut that kids will beg for). Since donnuts are ALL beloved by kids, this means these donuts make the whole family happy.

Of course, with a grown-up ingredients comes a grown-up price tag. A single donut here costs about $4. To which, we say just stop at one, little donut lovers. Just one. (Good luck!)

451 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

1142 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Online: bluestardonuts.com

salted-peanut-cake-yelpphoto: Mike C. via Yelp

Salt Peanut Cake at Nickel Diner
As if one layer of chocolate cake, peanut butter, and buttercream frosting weren’t enough to make your taste buds explode, this decadently delicious cake has three layers and is basically the size of your face. Sounds amazing, right? The Salt Peanut Cake, named after the Dizzy Gillespie’s jazz song with the same name, is made of three layers of devil’s food cake sandwiched with layers of peanut butter, potato chips, and peanut buttercream frosting. Grab a few spoons and let this sort of mega-slice be a family affair. Chips, PB, sugar and chocolate in one dish?  It’s kid-heaven.

Hungry for other eats? This bustling Downtown diner specializes in sweet and salty comfort food (they’re famous for their Maple Bacon Donuts) and just about everything on their menu is delicious. Wear loose clothing.

524 S Main St.
Downtown Los Angeles
Online: nickeldiner.com

ophoto: Franklin M. via Yelp

Peanut Butter Meringue at Pie ‘n Burger
Is there anything more American than a burger and a slice of… peanut butter pie? OK, so apple pie might be the typical patriotic dessert, but with PB &J being the all American kid lunch, this combines two flag waving faves into one terrific dessert. This tiny diner, which opened in 1963 and hasn’t changed much since then, has a homey retro feel and serves a straight-forward roster of breakfast items, sandwiches, burgers, and pies (26 kinds of them!). Grab a swivel stool at the old-fashioned counter and bring on the All-American eats.

913 E California Blvd.
Online: pienburger.com

photo: Ivy W. via Yelp

The Peanut Butter Dog at Vicious Dogs
Is it lunch? Or dessert? Doesn’t matter. At Vicious Dogs, the trendy NoHo spot for all things frankfurter, your PB-loving littles can nosh on an all-beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with peanut butter (and an optional helping of strawberry jelly, chocolate candy pieces, or bananas and honey!). It’s enough to make you forget there’s a hot dog in there at all. Elvis would have approved.

5231 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood
Online: viciousdogshotdogs.com

nutter-butter-peanutphoto: Natasha N. via Yelp

Peanut Butter cookies from Cookie Zombie
When you’ve got kids, going out to eat can be hard (heck, just getting kids in and out of the car can be enough to keep a family homebound). So get your peanut butter yummies delivered straight to you. Let your little cookie monsters run wild at home and order from Cookie Zombie, an El Segundo-based delivery company that brings freshly-baked cookies straight to your door. As if having cookies delivered hot to your door isn’t awesome enough, Cookie Zombie also delivers late-night so, if you just want to order in after bedtime, those cookies are all for you, Mama! As for flavors, the Peanut Butter Royale is a favorite; it’s a peanut butter cookie jazzed up with Butterfinger bits. There’s also a Sweet PB cookie and a Peanut Butter Cup cookie that aren’t on the menu, but can be made for PB-loving customers. Cookies arrive in a pizza box, just to remind you that, yes, you’ve just had cookies delivered at your beck and call.

Delivery is available for El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Playa Del Rey, Westchester, Playa Vista, Hermosa Beach, and North Redondo Beach.
Order online at cookiezombie.me

pb-stansphoto: Joseph K. via Yelp

Peanut Butter Donuts from Stan’s Donuts
OK, so we know we already mentioned a donut spot, but we have to include one more, because, well — donuts.  Stan’s donuts deserves a shout-out because they’ve got not one, but three donuts devoted to peanut butter: the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pocket, the Peanut Butter and Fresh Banana (with Chocolate Chips!) donut and the Peanut Butter and Jelly donut. All of them are slathered with a layer of sweet, sticky chocolate or yummy glaze.

10948 Weyburn Ave.
Online: stansdoughnuts.com

Fugetsu-Do Peanut Butter Mochi via Daniel L. on Yelpphoto: Daniel L. via Yelp

Peanut Butter Mochi at Fugetsu-Do
As Monty Python would say, now for something completely different.  Any excuse to visit LA’s vibrant Little Tokyo District is a-okay by us. And there’s no better reason to go than the amazing peanut butter mochi at Fugetsu-Do. Since 1903, this family confectionery has been turning out mouthwatering mochi in every delicious flavor under the sun, and the peanut butter is among the very best. The shop offers pre-packaged mochi and sells them individually as well, so your pint-size gourmands can figure out which one they dig most.

315 E. First St.
Little Tokyo
Online: fugetsu-do.com


The Griddle Cafe Peanut Bubba French Toast via Hanie B on Yelpphoto: Hannie B. via Yelp

Peanut Bubba Crunch French Toast at The Griddle Cafe
This local breakfast hotspot cooks up a French Toast dish so nuttastic, you might mistake it for dessert. Their incredible Peanut Bubba French Toast is dipped in peanut butter crunch, grilled to the peak of perfection, then topped off with powdered sugar and whipped cream. Be warned, this eatery is crazy popular and fills up quickly on weekends, so be sure to snag a table early or you and your little hungry ones may be waiting a spell.

7916 Sunset Blvd.
Online: thegriddlecafe.com

lphoto: Craig R. via Yelp

26 Beach: PB & J Burger
Usually, kiddos dig a little ketchup and mayo on their burgers. And if they’re feeling especially adventurous, maybe some lettuce. (Cray cray!) But if you have PB & J fans in the house, 26 Beach has an artisan burger so fantabulous, your kids may never go back to “usual” again. Skippy Peanut Butter and Knott’s Strawberry Jam ooze atop a perfectly cooked 100% Angus beef patty served piping hot on a bun baked fresh in-house. What are you waiting for?!

3100 Washington Blvd.
Online: 26beach.com

What’s your favorite peanut butter dish in LA – one that has you coming back again and again? Give us a shout, we’d love to know!

–Jennifer O’Brien and Melissa Heckscher


 main photo image: robinmcnicoll via Flickr

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