Have You Seen Peek-A-Roo? This Year’s Must-Have Toy

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Surprise toys are all the rage, and interactive cuddly creatures are always a favorite among kids. From the geniuses behind Hatchimals, in hops Peek-A-Roo—a part panda, part kangaroo interactive plush with a surprise baby reveal! This loveable cutie responds to touch and features over 150 different sounds and reactions. Enter the ROO-niverse and learn more about this adorable creature that is sure to be the next must-have toy.

Getting Baby Roo to Reveal Herself Is Magical

We love that this toy encourages social-emotional learning in the most fun way. Peek-A-Roo encourages kids to identify emotions, empathize and problem-solve. How do you get Baby Roo to reveal herself? Pet Momma Roo’s head, tickle her foot and bounce her to embolden Baby Roo to come out of the pouch. How a kid plays with Momma Roo influences baby’s mood and the way she reveals herself. Your kiddo will delight in discovering all 10 baby moods, like sleepy, bouncy, playful and more, each with matching sound effects. Momma Roo is so intuitive, she can even sense when her baby is near and reacts!


Surprise! It’s a Baby Roo!

Hatchimals are all about the egg-citing anticipation of the hatching! Peek-A-Roo builds on that thrilling element, and now you graduate from caring for an egg to a Momma Roo! The lively surprise feature keeps kids engaged and guessing—will Violet, Rosie or Bluebell be unveiled? You’ll just have to be patient to find out...


Once Baby Has Arrived, There’s More to Explore

Momma Roo knows when baby is near and reacts with games, songs and sweet cuddles. With over 10 games and songs, there are so many ways to play with momma and baby! After a fun-filled day of play, Momma Roo can cuddle Baby Roo by placing her in momma's arms. She’ll begin to sing a lullaby and gently rock her baby to sleep, and yes, it's as cute as you imagine so get ready for loads of giggles and smiles!


Exclusive: Discover Peek-A-Roo at the LA Zoo

Head to the LA Zoo and experience the unveiling of this brand new mythical species! Be the very first to discover Peek-A-Roo and witness the enchanting arrival of one of three mystery babies hiding inside Momma Roo’s pouch—which mystery baby will you meet? Continue through the exhibit to the exclusive play space where you get to experience Peek-A-Roo and discover all of her amazing and interactive features complete with a fun photo opportunity. 

This exclusive 1,100 square foot exhibit at the LA Zoo will be open to the public from Saturday, August 28 - Monday, September 6—it's magical fun for the whole family! 


—Jamie Aderski