Perezitos: Celebs and Their Kids

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Perez Hilton spawned a new website recently just in time to feed our need to see what all those celebs and their kids are up to. Perez’s new website, Perezitos is all about famous moms and dads plus their tots. The snarky comments have been mostly replaced with sweet comments and celebrity news. We like this new take on Celeb-mania, and the seemingly kinder, gentler Perez.

Perezitos goes hand in hand with the release in September of Perez Hilton’s first children’s book, The Boy With Pink Hair. This brightly illustrated children’s book celebrates individuality and self-acceptance, and is inspired by Hilton’s desire to promote equality in readers of all ages. Perez says, ” This story is about every kid that’s ever had a dream, felt excluded, wanted to belong, and hoped that one day they could do what they loved and make a difference.” Aww! We’re right there with you Perez!