Introducing Salt Studio: Your Healthy New Way to Play

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Kids – they just can’t wait to take their medicine!  Record scratch – say what??!  More like a chronic battle dating back to cave moms chasing their cave babies around the rocks, pleading to just swallow one little ladleful.  But what if getting them to take their medicine wasn’t a struggle?  What if it was the same as breathing?  Playing?  Take a beat, mom.  Let’s meditate on that for a second.  Then we’ll meet you at the all new Salt Studio in Pasadena, where you can play your way to outsmarting those fall flus.


Mom, meet halotherapy.  Halotherapy meet Mom.
Nope, not a one of us knew what it was either.  Salt therapy, that’s its less fancy name.  Thought salt was a four-letter word?  Not always.  Not like this.


Picture the kids in a room, frolicking, with sand beneath their feet. Except that the sand, is salt.  And the walls, are salt.


And are they playing?  Or are they reducing inflammation, clearing out allergens and pollutants, increasing immunity, reducing harmful bacteria, reducing congestion, thinning mucus (we hate the word too, but it serves a purpose) and reducing stress?  Ding ding ding!  Both.  They call it Salt Therapy.  We call it GENIUS.SaltStudioSydpouring

So come again, they just . . .play?
And that’s where the genius comes in. Brought to us by the holistic vision of Michael and Diana Leone, he, a Licensed Respiratory Therapist, she, a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, together they created a wellness center with the potential to have us all breathing easier.  While intended to complement traditional medical techniques, The Salt Studio opened to benefit those suffering from respiratory illnesses and skin conditions; however the universal benefits are undeniable.  Salt (think thick snow white crystalized sea salt chunks) is naturally microbial and anti-inflammatory.

(Oh, yeah, there’s a Relaxation Room just for grown-ups, too.)


Sore throats. . coughs . . .
See improvement in just one session.  Sorry spoonful of sugar, your day is done.  And regular sessions have proven to work wonders on environment allergies, no disrespect to Claritin.  (Or maybe just a hint).  Organic teen facials using an organic seaweed based line put the kibosh on ProActiv, and look out for pediatric massage, coming soon.

Your speed demon is not down with a 45-minute meditation.
We would love to meet the child who is.  That’s why this is great – it’s not a sit still treatment; instead, kids are reading and playing and drawing on the chalk wall, burying dinosaurs in the salt, burying themselves in the salt, all the while, with each breath, the salty air is going to work on their lungs.  We were wholly convinced this was multi-tasking at its most brilliant, until they went and upped their own ante:


They cleanse their lungs, you get a spa treatment.
Jump back friends, you did read that right.  Salt scrubs, tension tamer massages, aromatherapy foot treatments, all available in 30-minute sessions.  45-minutes for their salt play session, 30-minutes for your spa.  The timing of such is no coincidence.  This is the brilliant, merciful planning of co-owner Diana Leone, mom of two boys, who knew prioritizing personal wellness (read: massages, salt scrubs, tootsie treatments – remember those?) fell by the wayside the day they handed you that swaddled bundle.  They’re bringing it back.  They’re making it yours for the taking, while the kids are in the Children’s Room with Dad next door, boosting their immunity, combating pollutants, and stimulating natural internal defense activity, you’re getting exfoliated with Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts.  Did we not call it?  GENIUS.SaltStudioAnniestillplaying

But what if my kid’s not sick? 
All the more reason to keep it that way.  And let’s face it, we live in LA, there’s more in the air than we care to admit (but the sunsets are lovely!).  Halotherapy has zero side effects, unless you count the notable refreshment felt from the salts cleansing, disinfecting effects on your lungs, or the collective reboot from unplugged family time.  They say it’s a day at the beach times ten.  We’ll raise that analogy one less sunburn, several not-needed coats of sunblock, zero sand aftermath (do our living rooms ever fully recover from summer?), and all the internal bliss brought on by that super soothing sensation formerly exclusive to that inhale of ocean air.  It’s not in your head.  It’s in your lungs.  And it’s now stationed in a sweet, serene family wellness spa, in Pasadena.

The Salt Studio
1380 East Walnut Street
Pasadena, Ca
Phone: (626) 765-6180
Cost: $25 per kid (with a $5 discount for more than one child) and a $10 charge per adult (for parents accompanying children 4 or under, they get a free pass).
Bring: Socks!  They’re required.

Written and photographed by Jolie Loeb